Follow the Australian Kendo Team at the 17th WKC

Dear AKR members and supporters,

Thank you so much for your generous support of the national team. We have done our best to prepare for the upcoming World Kendo Championships in Korea, September 14-16. Now it is time for us to show our supporters what we have prepared for the past three years!

To keep you closer to our journey at the WKC, we will have two social media platforms to update our journey and links to live-stream the competition.

Please follow our pages below:

We will start posting the Australian Kendo Team’s journey from this Saturday 8th September until the end of WKC. Stay tuned to stay connected with the team! We need your support!

Kindest regards,

Yaya Bonggotgetsakul
Assistant Manager
Australian Kendo Team

Admin PS: The Team information page is here.