The AKR is the peak body in Australia, representing the martial arts of Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.

The AKR exists to provide governance, education and promotion of the arts, as well as supporting its affiliates and being the interface between the arts, the International Kendo Federation and the public.

Our goal is to conduct ourselves professionally and with dignity.

We value respect and humility and seek to promote continuous character development and ethical behaviour among our members.

We aim to provide opportunities for members to excel in the arts through the provision of quality instruction, safe training environments and transparent processes.

The AKR Values
Commitment – We set goals and achieve them and proactively engage with our members.
Unity – We work together effectively to continuously improve our arts.
Accountability – In line with the principles of our arts, we act with integrity and professionalism.
Inclusive & Supportive – We adapt and find innovative ways to grow our arts and support each other ensuring safety and inclusion

The AKR Strategic Plan defines the purpose of the AKR and establishes its goals and objectives, and helps focus the AKR’s resources on key priorities. The Boards and the National Executive will develop its own short-term operational plans based on the Strategic Plan. See the Strategic Plan here.