Australian Kendo Renmei insurance for members
AKR affiliate members have the added safety of the following types of insurance –

  • Personal Accident (Sports Injury) Insurance. Cover for some of the costs, not covered by Medicare or other insurance, associated with an injury that occurs at any AKR affiliated club and dojo in scheduled training sessions and other scheduled events. Player Accident Cover.
    • An AKR affiliated club member practicing Kendo, Iaido or Jodo is covered under the AKR insurance as long as they are registered with their club/dojo, the relevant state and has been registered by the state with the AKR.
  • See below for How to Make a claim.
  • Professional (Instructors) Indemnity Insurance. AKR sensei and instructors will be protected while supervising training in any AKR club or dojo for scheduled training sessions and other scheduled events. Policy.
  • Public / Product Liability. Covers legal liability to pay compensation in respect of:
    • a. Bodily Injury (which expression includes death & illness),
    • b. Damage to Property (which expression includes loss of property); arising out of or in connection with AKR activities.

Insurance Insurance Certificate of Currency.

For use only by State or Territory Affiliates, clubs and dojo at scheduled training sessions and other scheduled events..  The CoC is provided to and also available from state associations.

2023-24. Certificate of Currency 2023-24

2022-23. Certificate of Currency.

The premium fee for the Player Injury Insurance is usually added to the AKR affiliation fees and collected by the state and territory affiliates then passed onto the AKR with membership fees. Note that for the 2022-23 year only, the AKR has a membership fee payment amnesty in place.  The membership renewal process, from clubs/dojo to state affiliates and then to the AKR continues, but with no fees payable.

2021-22. Certificate of Currency.

How to Make a Claim:

Call the claims hotline on 1300 134 956 or go to to report the claim online.  Quote policy number PMEL99/0077540 . After that, you will then be able to track your claim using the pin number provided.


Sportscover do not have an exclusion in their wording for COVID-19. Any potential claims will be assessed on an individual basis, however cannot guarantee the policy will respond. Giving this is a worldwide pandemic it would be difficult to prove negligence. It is essential that you adhere to all government guidelines in addition to your own Infectious Disease Risk Management you have in place. The Sports Injury policy is unlike to respond as an infection is not an accident or injury.

Our insurance broker has confirmed that during this pandemic Sportscover, our insurer has, extended their policy to cover online / pre-recorded sessions or seminars.

It is strongly recommended by the broker that prior to commencement of the sessions that:

  1. Participants are current members.
  2. Instructors running the sessions are adequately trained and qualified.
  3. Participants are participating at their own risk.
  4. A suitable non-slip floor space is required.
  5. Any potential obstructions that may cause injury needs to be removed from the vicinity prior to participating.
  6. Participants should avoid activities if they have, or suspect they may have any current health concerns, injuries, aches or pains.
  7. Avoid using weapons, blades or sharp instruments of any description