The AKR has a commitment to provide an environment that is safe for all members.

The AKR seeks to prevent all forms of harassment, discrimination and abuse and to promote positive behaviour and values.

Inappropriate or unlawful behaviour to adults or children will not be tolerated by the AKR.

The AKR’s  Member Protection Policy can be downloaded as a PDF.

Our policy sets out codes of behaviour with which everyone associated with the AKR is expected to abide. It is a breach of the Member Protection Policy for any person or organisation bound by this policy to do anything contrary to this policy, including but not limited to:

  • breaching the codes of behaviour (see Part B of this policy);
  • bringing Kendo, Iaido, Jodo and the AKR or affiliated associations and clubs into disrepute, or acting in a manner likely to bring the Kendo, Iaido, Jodo and the AKR or affiliated associations and clubs into disrepute;
  • failing to follow the AKR policies (including this policy) and our procedures for the protection, safety and well-being of children;
  • discriminating against, harassing or bullying (including cyber-bullying) any person;
  • victimising another person for making or supporting a complaint;
  • engaging in an inappropriate intimate relationship with a person that he or she supervises, or has influence, authority or power over;
  • verbally, in writing (including electronic media) or physically assaulting another person, intimidating another person or creating a hostile environment within the sport;
  • disclosing to any unauthorised person or organisation any AKR information that is of a private, confidential or privileged nature;
  • making a complaint that they know to be untrue, vexatious, malicious or improper;
  • failing to comply with a penalty imposed after a finding that the individual or organisation has breached this policy; and
  • failing to comply with a direction given to the individual or organisation as part of a disciplinary process.

The AKR may impose disciplinary measures on an individual or organisation for a breach of this policy.

Disciplinary Measures

Any disciplinary measure imposed will be:

  • fair and reasonable;
  • applied consistently with any contractual and employment rules and requirements;
  • be based on the evidence and information presented and the seriousness of the breach; and
  • be determined in accordance with our constituent documents, by-laws, this policy and/or the rules of the


Subject to contractual and employment requirements, if a finding is made by a Tribunal that an individual has breached this policy, one or more of the following forms of discipline may be imposed.

  • a direction that the individual make a verbal and/or written apology;
  • a written warning;
  • a direction that the individual attend counselling to address their behaviour;
  • a direction that the individual attend training courses to assist their understanding of relevant issues;
  • a withdrawal of any awards, scholarships, placings, records, achievements bestowed in any tournaments, activities or events held or sanctioned by the AKR;
  • a demotion or transfer of the individual to another location, role or activity;
  • a suspension of the individual’s membership or participation or engagement in a role or activity;
  • termination of the individual’s membership, appointment or engagement;
  • a recommendation that an affiliated association terminate the individual’s membership, appointment or engagement;
  • in the case of a coach or official, a direction that the relevant organisation de- register the accreditation of the coach or official for a period of time or permanently;
  • a fine;
  • any other form of discipline that the investigating committee or Tribunal considers appropriate.


If a finding is made that an affiliated association of the AKR has breached its own or this Member Protection Policy, one or more of the following forms of discipline may be imposed by the investigating committee or Tribunal.

  • a written warning;
  • a fine;
  • a direction that any rights, privileges and benefits provided to that organisation by the national body or other peak association be suspended for a specified period;
  • a direction that any funding granted or given to it by the AKR cease from a specified date;
  • a direction that the AKR cease to sanction events held by or under the auspices of that organisation;
  • a recommendation to the AKR that its membership of the AKR be suspended or terminated in accordance with the relevant constitution or rules;
  • any other form of discipline that the national body or peak organisation considers reasonable and

If a complaint relates to behaviour or an incident that occurred at the:

  • state level, or involves people operating at the state level, then the complaint should be reported to and handled by the relevant state association in the first instance
  • club level, or involves people operating at the club level, then the complaint should be reported to and handled by the relevant club in the first instance.

Only matters that relate to, or which occurred at, the national level, as well as serious cases referred from the state and club level, should be dealt with by the AKR.



Please use this report form to report accidents, injuries or other incidents. (Updated 02/12/2021)


For complaints of harassment, discrimination and abuse, please first read the relevant policies here.

If the matter is unable to be resolved locally by a club or State Association, please contact an AKR Membership Protection Officer at – memberprotectionofficer AT kendoaustralia DOT asn DOT au (please replace the capitals with the usual symbol) or use our contact page.


To make an player injury insurance claim, please follow the guidelines on the Insurance page.