The Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission recognises the Australian Kendo Renmei as the National Sporting Organisation to develop kendo, iaido and jodo in Australia


The International Kendo Federation

International Kendo Federation

The international federation of national kendo associations.


The Global Association of International Sporting Federations

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Safety, Incident and Complaint reporting

The AKR has a commitment to provide an environment that is safe for all members.

The AKR seeks to prevent all forms of harassment, discrimination and abuse and to promote positive behaviour and values.

Inappropriate or unlawful behaviour to adults or children will not be tolerated by the AKR.

The AKR’s  Member Protection Policy can be downloaded as a PDF.

Our policy sets out codes of behaviour with which everyone associated with the AKR is expected to abide.

Disciplinary action will be taken against individuals if there is a breach of the policy.

If a complaint relates to behaviour or an incident that occurred at the:

  • state level, or involves people operating at the state level, then the complaint should be reported to and handled by the relevant state association in the first instance
  • club level, or involves people operating at the club level, then the complaint should be reported to and handled by the relevant club in the first instance.

Only matters that relate to, or which occurred at, the national level, as well as serious cases referred from the state and club level, should be dealt with by the AKR.


Please use this report form to report accidents, injuries or other incidents.


For complaints of harassment, discrimination and abuse, please first read the relevant policies here.

If the matter is unable to be resolved locally by a club or State Association, please contact an AKR Membership Protection Officer at – memberprotectionofficer AT kendoaustralia DOT asn DOT au (please replace the capitals with the usual symbol) or use our contact page.