Support the Australian Kendo Team to compete at the 19th World Kendo Championships (WKC), July 2024 in Milan, Italy.

A photo from the 2nd National Team Training in Sydney on November 4th and 5th, 2023
A photo from the 2nd National Team Training in Sydney on November 4th and 5th, 2023

In June 2023, our National Kendo Team members (8 women and 7 men) were selected  to represent Australia at the 19th World Kendo Championships (WKC) in Milan, Italy, in July 2024.

Since then, they have been training hard under the guidance of the Coaching and Support teams to prepare for the event. To-date, we have had a few national team trainings in Melbourne and Sydney and a few more trainings are scheduled in 2024 which includes a trip to Hungary.

Many of our potential opponents have regular and easy access to international events in Asia, America and in Europe, but for us down here in Australia, to attend such an event is both expensive and a challenge to arrange. Our team members all must manage jobs, studies and families outside their commitments to Kendo training and much of the funding for the campaign comes out of their own expenses.

To minimise the expenses by the team members, we are currently conducting a nationwide fund-raising campaign. Your support is crucial, especially for the team’s international trip and the WKC in July 2024. With your support, we’re not just participating in the WKC but also showcasing the spirit of Kendo in Australian to the world. We would be grateful for any donation from you to support the Australian Kendo Team in our journey to the WKC 2024.

You can make a tax-deductable donation from the following link.

We’ll keep you posted on the national team’s progress. Thank you again for your kind and generous support.


The 19th WKC National Team