Support the Australian Kendo Team to compete at the 19th World Kendo Championships (WKC), July 2024 in Milan, Italy.

The last national training session, before the Australian Kendo Team head off to for Milan, to compete at the 19th World Kendo Championships, 4th-7th July 2024.    D-24!

A photo from the 2nd National Team Training in Sydney on November 4th and 5th, 2023
A photo from the 2nd National Team Training in Sydney on November 4th and 5th, 2023

In June 2023, our National Kendo Team members (8 women and 7 men) were selected  to represent Australia at the 19th World Kendo Championships (WKC) in Milan, Italy, in July 2024.

Since then, they have been training hard under the guidance of the Coaching and Support teams to prepare for the event. To-date, we have had a few national team trainings in Melbourne and Sydney and a few more trainings are scheduled in 2024 which includes a trip to Hungary.

Many of our potential opponents have regular and easy access to international events in Asia, America and in Europe, but for us down here in Australia, to attend such an event is both expensive and a challenge to arrange. Our team members all must manage jobs, studies and families outside their commitments to Kendo training and much of the funding for the campaign comes out of their own expenses.

To minimise the expenses by the team members, we are currently conducting a nationwide fund-raising campaign. Your support is crucial, especially for the team’s international trip and the WKC in July 2024. With your support, we’re not just participating in the WKC but also showcasing the spirit of Kendo in Australian to the world. We would be grateful for any donation from you to support the Australian Kendo Team in our journey to the WKC 2024.

You can make a tax-deductable donation from the following link.

We’ll keep you posted on the national team’s progress. Thank you again for your kind and generous support.

The 19th WKC National Team


The Australian Kendo Team campaign and travel costs are funded considerably by an allocation from AKR members funds, with valued additional financial input from the Team members themselves; donations from members, the public and from companies.

To all who have contributed – thank you very much, your generous support is greatly appreciated and imporant to all involved.

A list of donors is dislayed below.

Announcement: 16 May 2024

The International Kendo Federation have completed the competition draws for the 19th World Kendo Championships, to be held in Milan, Italy, Thursday, July 4th – Sunday, July 7th, 2024.

Click the link for PDF of the complete draw.  19WKC Competition Draw Results













Supporter Merchanidise


We’re thrilled to share that after two years of dedicated preparation, 15 outstanding members of our national team (8 women & 7 men) will proudly represent Australian Kendo at the 19th World Kendo Championships in July 2024 in Milan, Italy.

We’re now on a mission to raise funds for our national team’s journey to Italy.
To rally support from the kendo community across Australia, we’ve put together an amazing T-Shirt & Tenugui, available again!

Please note that we are taking last orders now. This order will be closed after Sunday, 28 April 2024. This order is the final order.

Pricing (excluding shipping cost):

WKC support T-Shirt prices: $35

WKC Team Tenugui*: $25

(WKC Team Tenugui quantities are limited, only around 60, so we will take orders until stocks are available.)

Club Orders can be made through this form: HERE

(Order URL:

Your support for the Australian Kendo Team means the world to us!


Thank you to the many members and company supporters for your indidual donations.  Every cent will be dedicated to assisting the AKR Team achieve their best goals and results in MIlan, in July 2024.

Donation list as of 5/03/2024.

Date Donors Name Donors message Donation amount
19/07/2023 Kwang-ho Lee I hope you do your best until the end. $100.00
1/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $50.50
13/11/2023 Anonymous Donor Go team! Gambate! $50.50
14/11/2023 Samantha Lee Good luck Team! $51.02
14/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $50.50
14/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $51.02
14/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $101.00
14/11/2023 Alex B Go team!!! Cheering you all on from America $101.00
14/11/2023 Masayuki Miyasaka I hope that you will participate in the World Kendo Championships with pride and achieve good results. $101.00
15/11/2023 Jamie Wang Go team! $101.88
15/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $101.00
15/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $101.00
15/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $101.00
15/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $50.50
15/11/2023 Tom La Good luck Team! $50.50
15/11/2023 Hoang Bui All the best! $51.02
15/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $50.00
15/11/2023 Hnc Group All the best, fighto! $202.00
15/11/2023 Pearl Lee Go go go Iris $202.00
15/11/2023 Kaori Dimovski All the best for Australian team $101.00
15/11/2023 Agnes and Tony Ten All the best Australia Kendo Team ???? $2,000.00
15/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $100.00
16/11/2023 Asano Trust Good luck! $50.50
16/11/2023 Austin  Cho Enjoy!! $100.00
16/11/2023 Yuki Yu Good luck! $25.25
17/11/2023 YUKIE NGUYEN Good luck! $50.50
18/11/2023 Yu-Chun Hung Fighto!!! $101.88
19/11/2023 Rodman Poon 1111 Angel number – Good Luck and All the best~ $11.11
19/11/2023 Kimberley Gunawan Good luck!! $50.50
20/11/2023 Chengyi Lin Good luck and have fun peeps :P $50.00
21/11/2023 Alison Xie Good luck team! :) $50.00
22/11/2023 V2V Pty Ltd Very proud to support our senpais. Go Australia! $1,020.00
22/11/2023 Ipswich Instructional Design All the best. Fight hard, but fair. Do us proud. $100.00
22/11/2023 Ian Cleworth Best to all in your prep – & of course, the comp! $101.00
22/11/2023 Jin Takamura Good luck in AKC2024!!! $10.33
23/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $50.00
24/11/2023 Elsa  Dai All the best! $30.67
25/11/2023 Oguz Alptekin 自分を信じて頑張ってください
Jibun o shinjite ganbattekudasai
26/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $101.88
26/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $254.48
27/11/2023 Nithin CV Well done Iris & team. $20.20
27/11/2023 Ming-Hao Chen Best of luck! $101.00
27/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $50.50
27/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $50.50
27/11/2023 Anonymous Donor Well done Iris! $15.15
27/11/2023 Alex Bae It ain’t much but it’s honest work $50.50
27/11/2023 Adam Blackburn Good luck Iris and team! $25.00
27/11/2023 Mithun Kanchi Good Luck to Team Australia & Iris $10.10
27/11/2023 Thomas Zeman Go Australia! $10.10
27/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $10.00
27/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $25.25
27/11/2023 Brennan and Shannon Tong Goodluck! Hope the journey and experience will be amazing ???? $102.88
28/11/2023 Anonymous Donor $25.58
30/11/2023 Jack Waltham Go the green and gold!  From Jack and Kanittha $40.40
1/12/2023 Ravon Chew ファイト!! Faito!! $51.02
1/12/2023 Thao Nguyen This is awesome!! $50.50
1/12/2023 Jess Lousick Go Iris and team! $50.50
2/12/2023 Stephanie Iacono All the best Iris! $30.30
4/12/2023 Henry Black Good luck! $30.30
8/12/2023 Ichiro Nakane Ganbatte $101.69
9/12/2023 elgan alcorn Go Iris!! $50.50
27/12/2023 BONG KO 19WKCSupport  – Donation for WKC team $17,000.00
2/01/2024 Kristine Ventura Wishing you a strong and successful campaign! $252.50
4/01/2024 NSW KENDO ASSOCIATION INC . NSW WKC 2024 Donation $3,000.00
5/01/2024 Wenfeng Xie Good luck! $25.25
6/01/2024 Yuka Sowden We wish you the best of luck!
9/01/2024 Jongho  Kim Thank you for great organisation. $15.41
14/01/2024 Jayden  Bennett Good luck Team Australia $51.02
21/01/2024 Hayami Aboutaleb Wishing the team a memorable and successful campaign. $101.00
29/01/2024 Katrina Veneracion Good luck and all the best. I am so proud and happy to help

Tita Gigette de Luna

31/01/2024 Ann Luis Good luck Iris and the whole team! $30.60
7/02/2024 Mitsubishi Australia Limited Support for the Australian Kendo Team for Competition at the 19th World Kendo Championships July 2024 in Milan Italy $5,000.00
19/02/2024 Richard Ward Supporting the Australian Kendo Team for the 19th World Kendo Championships, July 2024 in Milan, Italy! $100.00
19/02/2024 SeishinKai Iaido Best wishes to the Aus Kendo Team for the 19th World Kendo Championships, July 2024 in Milan, Italy! $150.00
26/02/2024 Yakov Macak $200.00
29/02/2024 Victorian Kendo Renmei $3000.00


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