The Iaido Seminar and Championships of the Australian Kendo Renmei will be held in Perth, Western Australia, from 23 to 25 September 2023.

The event will focus on ZNKR (All Japan Kendo Federation) Iaido with the seminar over the first two days followed by the Australian Iaido Championships on Monday.

We are very privileged to welcome two sensei from Japan to lead the seminar:

  • Ishido Shizufumi, Hanshi 8 Dan, and
  • Morishima Kazuki, Kyoshi 8 Dan

The visit by by Ishido sensei and Morishima sensei is an opportunity to learn and practise ZNKR iaido at the highest level and is a rare opportunity for us practising in Australia.

This event is suitable for all iaido practitioners from beginners to those with many years of experience and we encourage all AKR iaido members to attend.

During the weekend the Iaido Board will be running a dan level grading for candidates attempting up to 4 dan iaido, with a 5 dan grading opportunity highly likely. The grading application procedure is on the AKR website here https://www.kendoaustralia.asn.au/content/?page_id=2830

Participation is open to current financial members of the Australian Kendo Renmei and FIK affiliates only.


  • Southern River College, 71 Southern River Road, Gosnells WA, 6110.

Dates & times: 

  • Saturday 23 September 2023: 8.00 am to 2.30pm.
  • Sunday 24 September 2023: 8.00 am to 2.30pm.
  • Monday 25 September: 9.00am to 4.00pm.


  • $190 for the full event, 3 days (there are no single day rates).

Event booking at the link below:


Full details are available in the information pack, available for download here. AKR-Iaido-Seminar-Championships-2023.