AKR Constitution. PDF. Effective from and adopted on 16 January 2022.

AKR Rules and Regulations page for Kendo Competition.

   FIK Rules and Regulations for Kendo Competition and Shinpan Management. Updated 26 July 2023.


AKR Dan Exam application and information.


AKR Manual of Documents (Policies)
Section 0, Introduction, PDF.
Section 1, Administration and Structure, PDF, updated 5 May 2023.
Shogo Nomination Form – PDF; MS Word, updated 5 May 2023.
Section 2, Kendo, PDF, effective and updated 13 August 2022.


  1. AKC Kendo Dan Grading Examination Procedure Guideline. (Third Edition – December 2019)
  2. AKR Standard Grading Rules. PDF. Effective from and updated on 17 October 2021. 

Section 3, Iaido, PDF, effective from and updated on 16 July 2023.
Section 4, Jodo, PDF, effective 16 July 2023.
Section 5, Development Plans, PDF, effective effective from and updated on 19 October 2019.
Section 6, Appendices, PDF, effective 23 May 2020. PDF.
AKR Privacy policy. Also see Mod Section 1.
Member Protection Policy Expired 29th June 2022 and relaced by the National Integrity Framework. Please visit Safety, Incident and Complaint Reporting page.

National Integrity Framework Policies, effective 30 June 2022. See Sport Integrity page for information.
National Integrity Framework
Member Protection Policy
Child Safeguarding Policy
Improper Use of Drugs and Medicine Policy
Competition Manipulation and Sports Wagering Policy
Complaints Disputes and Disciplines Policy (Updated 30/04/2023)

Australian National Anti-Doping Policy. Effective 1 January 2021. Adopted by National Council on 7 February 2021.

   FIK Drugs in Kendo Policy.

Non-NIF Conduct Management Policies
The National Integrity Framework covers off on child safety, member protection (abuse, bullying, harassment, sexual misconduct, discrimination, victimisation and vilification), improper use of drugs and medicine, and competition manipulation and sport wagering. Expected behaviours beyond ‘Integrity’ matters are outlined in the following policies:

AKR Code of Conduct
AKR Privacy policy. Also see Mod Section 1.

The AKR’s process for managing conduct, disputes and appeals that fall outside the NIF are covered by:

AKR Personal Grievances Policy
AKR Review and Appeals Policy
AKR Conduct and Disciplinary Policy