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2018 17th WKC and Team News

10 January 2018 – Donors and supporters lists updated.

To all supporters of the AKR Kendo Team campaign for the 17th World Kendo Championships.


Best wishes to all for Christmas, the festive season and for a happy and safe New Year!

Many thanks to our supporters.


Mitsubishi Corporation.
Sandringham Secondary College.
Sehyun Kendo- gu.
Jimme Vo.
Hayami Aboutaleb.
Jenny Lee.
Chris Choi.
Cliff Wilson.
Jenny Chan.
Carolyn Shoemark.
Yakov Macak.
Steven Lawley.
Jonathan Paetzholdt.
Sam Sproat.
Richard Ward.

Tax deductable donations can be made using the Australian Sports Foundation website, a secure Australian Government supervised initiative.


Thank you to the members of the below listed clubs for purchasing supporter t-shirts and tenegui!

University of NSW Kendo Club.
Sydney Kendo Club, Willoughby.
Nanseikan Kendo, Heidelberg West.
Victoria University Kendo Club, Footscray.
UTS Kendo Club, Pyrmont.
Fudoshin Kendo Club, Parkville.
Arao City Kendo Renmei, Japan.
Arao Kaiyo Junior High School, Japan.
Arao Ariake Elementary School, Japan.
Cairns Kendo Club.
Kenshinkai Kendo Club, Brisbane.
South Australian Kendo Association members.
Gobu Shobukan, Mackay.
Monash University Kendo Club.
Mumeishi Kendo Club, Berwick.
Nippon Seibukan, Townsville.
Melbourne BudoKai, West Melbourne.
Melbourne University Kendo Club.
Sydney University Kendo Club.
West Australian Kendo Association members.
Bun Bu Ryo Do, Toowoomba.
Staff of SkyRail, Cairns.
Lee Jae Ran, South Korea.
Jun So Jung, South Korea.
Sungho Jeong, (shinai bags), South Korea.
Hyosok Kim, South Korea.
Sehyun Co., (Gi & hakamas), South Korea.
Dae Han Moo Do Kwan Kumdo Club, Lidcombe, NSW.
South Florida Kendo Club, Florida, USA.



Founded and based in Melbourne, Australia; 2XU was developed by athletes for athletes.

Stay tuned for a special offer to AKR members from 2XU in early 2018!



And for the latest, follow the Team on facebook, twitter or instagram / @akrkendoteam and check the Team web page here often!


In mid 2016 the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR) called for applications from interested members to be considered for selection as Australian Kendo Team members, to compete at the 17th World Kendo Championships, in South Korea, September 2018.

From the applicants, a national squad was established along with the development of a schedule of national squad training sessions, which were augmented by local, squad specific training sessions.

The schedule of the major sessions and locations were –

23-24 July 2016, in NSW; 1–3 October 2016, in ACT; 28–29 January 2017, in SA; 15– 16 April 2017, in ACT; `10– 11 June 2017, in NSW.

The training sessions were supported by the Team Coach, Kate Sylvester; Assistant Coach Daniel Jeong; Manager, Rob Reid and Assistant Manager, Yaya Bonggotgetsakul.

From the national squad, thirteen women and fifteen men kendo players were invited to attend the final session and Team selection, which was held on 2-3 September 2017 in Melbourne.

For that occasion, members travelled from Darwin, Sydney, Cairns, Adelaide, Perth and Kumamoto in Japan!

The final session and selection was supported by a large number of local Victorian based kendo sensei.  They were two groups – shinpan (referees) and selectors.  Other selectors from WA, SA also formed the selection panel.  The selection panel members were all previous Australian Kendo Champions in different categories and five of the seven have also represented Australia at previous World Kendo Championships.  Additionally, a team of volunteers assisted with logistics, hall management and score keeping.  All of whom contributed to the two-day selection event and it couldn’t have happened without their help! Thank you all!

Whilst all squad members attending showed a very high level of commitment, enthusiasm and skill, only seven women and seven men could be selected.

At the conclusion of the event, Dr Brian Brestovac, The AKR Kendo Board Chairman announced the selection of the Australian Kendo Teams.

The Australian Kendo Team for the 17th World Kendo Championships are –


Vivian Yung (NSW), Captain
Daseul Chun (NSW), Vice Captain
Julie Feng (NSW)
Jenny Song (NSW)
Alexandra Paukovits (QLD)
Bonnie Lai (NSW)
Dale Padoin (QLD)


Taek Yang (NSW), Captain
Dwight Park (NSW), Vice Captain
Duy Pham (NSW)
Luke Lee (NSW)
Kelvin Tran (NSW)
Trent Reeve (VIC)
Richard T’en (VIC)

Congratulations to all of the members selected and best wishes for the road ahead.

You and your friends can support the Australian Kendo Team by making a tax deductable donation via the Australian Government supervised Australian Sports Foundation website here.

Or, follow the Team on facebook, twitter or instagram / @akrkendoteam and check the Team web page here often!

8 Feb 2016

2018 17th WKC and AKR Kendo Team News

Here’s the latest and you can also stay up to date at the Team facebook page or the AKR facebook page.

The 17th World Kendo Championships will be held in Incheon, South Korea, 14-16 September 2018, but the Australian Kendo Squad is already hard at work.

The AKR Kendo Board has already announced the national coaching team for the 17th World Kendo Championship in 2018 as:

Coach: Kate Sylvester
Assistant Coach: Daniel Jeong
Manager: Rob Reid
Assistant Manager: YaYa Bonggotgetsakul

In particular, the commitment of the Team members to prepare for and then to attend this important event is a huge task physically, emotionally and financially.

If you would like to show your support for the Australian Kendo Team, you can make a Tax Deductable Donation.

Tax Deductable Donations are an effective and popular way for may companies and peopel to support many causes. AKR has joined with a federal government organisation to facilitate donations to defray some of the Team members travel costs.

For donations to be deductable, they can be made online, or by mailing a cheque accompanied by a Donation Form.