AKR kendo competitions are conducted according to the International Kendo Federation Rules (FIK) for Shiai and Shinpan. Additional rules and regulations may apply for competition and are below.


From the The Regulations of Kendo Shiai and Shinpan, 2 September, 2017 edition.

Table A. Specifications for use of one Shinai (Itto).
Shinais are weighed complete, but without tsuba or tsuba dome. Maximum diameter of tsuba – 9cm.
Specification Gender Junior High School (12-15 yrs) Senior High School (15-18 yrs) University students and Adults (18yrs and over)
Maximum length Male & female 114cm 117cm 120cm
Minimum weight Male 440g 480g 510g
Female 400g 420g 440g
Minimum diameter of sakigawa Male 25mm 26mm 26mm
Female 24mm 25mm 25mm
Minimum length of sakigawa Male & female 50mm 50mm 50mm
Suggested size Male 37 38 39
Female 38
Table B. Specifications for use of two Shinai (Nito).
Shinais are weighed complete, but without tsuba or tsuba dome. Maximum diameter of tsuba – 9cm.
Specification Gender Daito (long shinai) Shoto (short shinai)
Maximum length Male & female 114cm 62cm
Minimum weight Male 440g 280-300g
Female 400g 250-280g
Minimum diameter of sakigawa Male 25mm 24mm
Female 24mm 24mm
Suggested size 36 or 37

Shinai shall be made of bamboo, or of synthetic material as a substitute of bamboo approved by the ALL JAPAN KENDO FEDERATION. The structure, length, weight, diameter of shinai and specification of tsuba are stipulated in the FIK Subsidiary Rules for Kendo.

Shinai shall consist of four slats and shall not include therein other objects than the core inside sakigawa and chigiri inlaid at the end of the tsuka.

The specifications of shinai are indicated in Table A and B; the length indicated therein refers to the total length of shinai inclusive of its accessories, and the weight to the total weight thereof inclusive of its accessories other than tsuba. The diameter of shinai shall refer to the minimum diameter of the tip of sakigawa.
Tsuba shall be round in shape and he made of leather or synthetic material; it shall be 9 centimeters or smaller in diameter and shall be fixed onto the shinai.


2.4.3 Nafuda (Name tags) Updated 15 October 2017.

Competitors at Australian Kendo Renmei kendo competitions shall wear nafuda as shown in Figures 1, 2 or 3.

The nafuda shall be affixed to the centre piece of the tare.

Dimensions: To fit the centre piece of tare.

Colour: Dark blue background with white lettering.

If a nafuda is not available, the below information must be included on the centre piece of the tare and as approved by the competition manager. NOTE: As of 12 December 2017, the nafuda rule was refined to allow the optional inclusion of the initial of competitors given name.

Download a PDF of the nafuda rule.

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Australian Masters Games Competition Rules
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