19th World Kendo Championships – Results

The Italian Kendo Confederation, under the supervision of the FIK and with the patronage of the Municipality of Milan in Italy, worked with dedication, ability, professionalism and enthusiasm, to present the 19th Kendo World Championship over four days, 4 – 7 July 2024.  The event was a great success and will be remembered as a pleasant, rewarding and unique experience.

The Australian Womens Team, again achieved third place, against some excellent and powerful opposing competitors.

The Australian MensTeam, came as close as possible to third place, only just being beaten to it by the USA Team.

In the Womens individuals matches, New South Wales’ Kelly Kishikawa achieved a top 8 position as did her brother, Allan in the Mens Individual matches.  Amazing results for a brother and sister!  Both Allan and Kelly were also awarded the important Fighting Spirit Awards along with Victorias’ Kentarou Nibu-Jones and NSWs’ Yoonsu Kim!

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CONGRATULATIONS to all the Australian players and to the excellence of the Coaching team who guided them.

More news will follow, but for now the results as advised by the host are below.  Click for the full event Draws.


Men’s Team
1. Japan
2. Korea
3. France
3. USA

Australia – Top 8

Women’s Team
1. Japan
2. Korea
3. Australia
3. USA

Women’s Individual
Kondo (Japan)
Suenaga (Japan)
Sato (Japan) / Senoo (Japan)

Fighting Spirit
K.Kishikawa (Australia) and finished in the top 8.
B.Park (Canada)
S.Guadarrama (France)
M.Fisher (Great Britain)
M.J. Cha (Republic of Korea)
M.J.Kim (Republic of Korea)
M.J.Shin (Republic of Korea)
K.Tada (United States of America)

Men’s Individual
K. Hoshiko (Japan)
K. Matsuzaki (Japan)
K. Kimura (Japan) / S. Ohira (Japan)

Fighting Spirit
Kishikawa (Australia)
Nibu-Jones (Australia)
Przewlocki (France)
Rukas (Great Britain)
Wright (Great Britain)
Kim (Republic of Korea)
Kwon (Republic of Korea)
Williams (United States of America)

For other information, please vivt our Team facebook page here and here and the AKR instagram feed.

For links to videos of the Australians matches, please have a look here and thank you very much to Bernard Yehuda for that resource.