New Kendo Board Elected.

27 April 2024

Dear Australian Kendo Renmei members.  (PDF of announcement)

With the 19th World Kendo Championships fast approaching, it won’t be long before we stand united behind our
Australian team, cheering them on as they compete with the world’s best in Milan. We also acknowledge there are
many other AKR members competing for their home countries, as well as friends abroad we will be cheering for. I
believe kendo is about both competition and friendship, meaning we can compete with a strong spirit, as well as build
strong relationships along the way.

The new incoming kendo board promises to serve the members of Australian Kendo Renmei based on the principle
of Koken-chiai (to learn love and respect through the study of kendo). We are incredibly proud of our growth and
advancement of kendo in Australia, as well as deeply grateful for all the previous leaders and board members who
have come before us. Our goal is to continue developing kendo in Australia, especially amongst women and children,
which involves investing time and resources to improve our coaching, shiai and referee skills across the country.
Additionally, we’re fully committed to supporting all states and territories, especially smaller ones where there are
more challenges in growing and developing local Kendo clubs. We believe focussing on these areas will create a
more inclusive and vibrant kendo community.

I’m pleased to announce your incoming 2024-2026 Australian Kendo Board:

• Jayson Chaplin (NSW) – 6th Dan – Chair
• Jane Hung (ACT) – 3rd Dan – Deputy Chair
• Bernard Yehuda (WA) – 5th Dan – Secretary
• Ho-Young Choi (NSW) – 7th Dan
• Ken Okamoto (QLD) – 7th Dan

We’re truly excited about building our future together and serving you over the next 3 years.
In the meantime, the Kendo Board is preparing for UniSport Nationals in Canberra (September 7-8) and will be
sharing some exciting announcements soon. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact
us on

Warm regards,
Jayson Chaplin
Australian Kendo Board (Chair)