Vale Kumie Dawkins (1955-2024)

Dear all,

The VKR is sad to announce that Kumie Dawkins passed away early on Wednesday, 6 March, 2024, following a long illness with cancer.

Kumie has been an active and much loved member of the VKR community for many decades. She was a member of the Melbourne Budokai and also held the position of VKR Registrar on the VKR Committee since 2019.

While she was unable to train actively in her later years, she generously volunteered her time to the running and administration of the VKR right up until her last weeks with us. At a personal level, I am deeply grateful for all her hard work, dedication and commitment to the VKR and our respective arts. When I suggested she might like to reduce her VKR activities, she insisted on continuing, and reflected that she loved Kendo and helping the VKR allowed her to keep her mind active.

Kumie’s good friend, Cyntheia Lim, reflected that:

“Kumie was one of the first friends I made in Melbourne. She was loyal and truthful. Her courage and determination will continue to inspire in the years to come. I want to thank her on behalf of myself, the VKR committee during my term and the VKR community for her great contribution. I will also remember evenings at her dinner parties, sharing good food, coffees and tales. I am thankful to have had known her both as a Kendo senpai and a friend. She will be missed. Goodbye and go well, Kumie.”

The VKR sends our deepest condolences to Kumie’s husband, Derek, and their two children Erica and Philip.

Funeral details will be announced in due course.

Kind regards
Michael Dunn
VKR President

Kumie Dawkins: Middle row, third from the right.

Group photo: 5th Oceania Women’s Kendo Seminar & Taikai, 2017.