2024 WKC Australian Team Supporter Merchandise

Get your hands on exclusive Australian Team Supporter Merchandise through our Club Order Form. Be part of the excitement and support our national team members as they represent our country on the international stage. Your contribution matters!

By purchasing these limited-edition items, you’re not just showing your support, but you’re also contributing to our fundraising campaign. Every purchase directly aids our team’s journey to the WKC. Let’s unite as one and make our presence felt!

Please note that we are taking pre-orders now and will calculate shipping for each dojo/club once numbers are finalised. Pre-orders will be closed after January 30th after which merchandise will be sold without a club discount.

Club Orders can be made through this form: HERE

Further information or enquiries to: 19wkc.austeam.merchandise@gmail.com

19th WKC Coaching Team
Team Australia