2024 23rd Jodo Championships and Seminar

The 23rd Jodo Championship and Seminar is scheduled to be held in Menai, NSW., from 12 – 14 April 2024.

Tentative Schedule and Information: AKR Event page here and additional information here.

Registration: at Humanitix.

Update on 6th March 2024: The Jodo Board is please to confirm that we will be offering an opportunity to grade to 6th Dan in Jodo during the 23rd Championships and Seminar. 6th Dan candidates are advise that ONLY AKR certificates will be issued and NOT AJKF certificates to successful candidates for this examination.

The Jodo Board is very excited to be able to announce that we have been able to secure the support of a very prestigious delegation led by Shiiya Mitsuo Sensei.

Shiiya Mitsuo sensei. Jodo Hanshi 8 Dan Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan

Kurogo Genji sensei. Jodo Hanshi 8 Dan Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan Iaido 5 Dan

Tsuriga Toshiro sensei. Jodo Hanshi 8 Dan Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan Iaido 5 Dan

Fujisaki Kouro sensei. Jodo Hanshi 8 Dan Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan Iaido 5 Dan

Tsubaki Fumio sensei. Jodo Hanshi 8 Dan Iaido Kyoshi 7 Dan

Butsui Kazuko sensei Jodo 5 Dan.
The teaching delegation is accompanied by Butsui sensei.  She has been a supporter of Jodo and Jodoka in Australia for some time and we welcome her attendance again this year.

To have a Jodo delegation of this level is a first for Jodo in Australia and perhaps the Oceania region.

This demonstrates not only the commitment of the board to bring top level instructors to Australia but more importantly, the commitment of this delegation to the development of Jodo in Australia.

The board strongly encourages all Jodo members to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and join us in Menai.

Our goal is to have a website and registration portal open ASAP and that we will be able to update any changes via both the website and other means.

Look forward to seeing you all in Menai, 12 – 14 April 2024

Tom Johnson
Chairman Australian Jodo Board