Announcement of Team Members for the 19th World Kendo Championships

In May 2022, the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR) initiated a call for applications from interested members w to be considered for selection to the Australian Kendo Team, to compete at the19th World Kendo Championships, in Italy, July 2024.

The 19th WKC Squad Training commenced in August 2022 and the Australian Kendo team selection event took place in Melbourne on June 10th and 11th, 2023.

Although all attending squad members demonstrated exceptional commitment, enthusiasm, and skill, only eight women and seven men were able to be selected.

After the conclusion of the Team selection weekend event, the following members have been selected to comprise the Australian Kendo Team at the19th World Kendo Championships:

Yue Julie Feng (NSW), Captain
Da Seul Chun (NSW), Vice-Captain
Yaya Jeong (VIC)
Julie Tran (VIC)
Kelly Jun Kishikawa (NSW)
Iris Somera (NSW)
Samantha Zhong (NSW)
Hoey Yein Goh (VIC)

Trent Reeve (VIC), Captain
Dwight Park (NSW), Vice-Captain
Yoonsu Kim (NSW)
Richard T’en (VIC)
Kelvin Tran (NSW)
Alan Kishikawa (NSW)
Kentarou Ashton Nibu-Jones (VIC)

Additionally, two members have been appointed to support the 19th WKC National Team in the following roles:

WKC Fundraising Campaign Manager: John Ou
Australian Team Physiotherapist: Nicole Saccardo

Head Coach: Yoichi Yano (VKR)
Assistant Coach: Daniel (Kwangyul) Jeong (VKR)
Assistant Coach: Duy Pham (NSWKA)
Manager: Kwang Ho Lee (TSR)
Assistant Manager: Yaya Jeong (VKR)