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The Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission recognises the Australian Kendo Renmei as the National Sporting Organisation to develop kendo, iaido and jodo in Australia


The International Kendo Federation

International Kendo Federation

The international federation of national kendo associations.


The Global Association of International Sporting Federations

UniSport Australia

Australian University Sport

AKR Policies and Rules

AKR Constitution, accepted 25 October 2014. PDF

AKR Standard Grading Rules. PDF. Effective from and updated on 17 April 2016.

AKR Rules and Regulations page for Kendo Competition.

AKR Dan Exam application and information.

AKR Manual of Documents (Policies)
Section 0, Introduction, PDF.
Section 1, Administration and Structure, PDF, effective from and updated on 20 October 2018.
Section 2, Kendo, PDF, effective from and updated 12 December 2017.


  1. AKC Dan Grading Examination Procedure Guideline
  2. Kendo Kyu examination criteria. PDF. (Page 5 only of MoD Section 2).

Section 3, Iaido, PDF, effective 9 October 2011, effective from and updated on 25 October 2014.
Section 4, Jodo, PDF, effective effective from and updated on 23 April 2015.
Section 5, Development Plans, PDF.
Section 6, Appendices, PDF.
AKR Privacy policy. Also see Mod Section 1.
Member Protection Policy.  Effective from 12 August 2015.
AKR Anti-Doping Policy. PDF. Effective 1 January 2015. Approved by ASADA on 11 February 2015; adopted by AKR on 3 March 2015.

FIK Drugs in Kendo Policy.