The Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission recognises the Australian Kendo Renmei as the National Sporting Organisation to develop kendo, iaido and jodo in Australia


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The Australian Kendo Renmei Inc., (AKR) is the internationally recognised, governing body for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo in Australia.

The Australian Sports Commission recognises the Australian Kendo Renmei as the National Sporting Organisation to develop kendo, iaido and jodo in Australia.

The Australian Kendo Renmei (Inc.) and our affiliated  member dojos, clubs and associations are also affiliated with the International Kendo Federation (FIK). The FIK is the world-wide federation of national Kendo, Iaido and Jodo organisations.  The FIK is affiliated with SportAccord (formerly GAISF) a signatory to the World Anti-Doping Agency drugs in sport policy and is recognised as the international governing federation for Kendo, Iaido and Jodo.

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Latest News

New AKR Instructor, Coach & Officiator (ICO) development framework

In 2021 the AKR are implementing an Instructor, Coach & Officiator (ICO) development framework for use consistently across Kendo, Iaido and Jodo. This will replace the current Instructor Accreditation Scheme (IAS) effective immediately which has been in place since 2007.

Please find further information in the attached.

2021 Anti-Doping Policy

AKR has recently approved its 2021 Anti-Doping Policy which comes into effect on 1 January 2021.

The AKR anti-doping policy is the Australian National Anti-Doping Policy and can be found on the Sport Integrity Australia website.

All members, participants and non-participants in the sport of Kendo Iaido and Jodo are bound by these rules. This includes athletes, support personnel and employees whose employment contracts enables this.

It is important that all members understand their obligations under the new policy. Changes include a new anti-doping rule violation of retaliation, a category of athletes that is lower-level and flexibility related to sanctioning for certain levels of athletes/participants.

Further information can be found here https://www.sportintegrity.gov.au/what-we-do/anti-doping/world-anti-doping-code/2021-world-anti-doping-code

For more information about all Integrity topics, visit our Sports Integrity webpage.

See the AKR Policies and Rules page for links to the policies.

Cancellation of the 18th World Kendo Championships (18WKC)

The AKR has received notice from the FIK that the 18th WKC has been cancelled.

Information: https://www.kendo-fik.org/news/3240

The AKR would like to express our utmost appreciation to all who have been involved in planning, preparing and training for the campaign amidst these difficult and challenging times, especially the WKC Coaching Team, the squad members, the Kendo Board, and all who have supported the WKC campaign-related activities in your own ways.

The 19th WKC is scheduled for 2024, with the hosting country to be confirmed.

XVIII 2021 Australian Masters Games – KENDO Competition

The XVIII 2021 Australian Masters Games – KENDO Competition will be held in Perth WA on the 9-10 October 2021!

Information here.

Shogo Awards 2020

AKR congratulates the following members for passing their Renshi Examination on 24th November 2020.

Joachim SEMMLER (ACT) Kendo Renshi

Kate SYLVESTER (VIC) Kendo Renshi

Ryuta HIKIMA (VIC) Kendo Renshi

2020 UniSport Nationals Div 1 – Perth cancelled

UniSport Australia – Statement regarding The Nationals Div 1 and Div 2 – Perth

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AKR Anti-Doping Policy amendment


Australian Kendo Renmei Anti-Doping Policy has been amended and is effective 10 August 2020.

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VALE: ODA, Katsuo sensei (1942-2020)

ODA, Katsuo sensei

Iaido Hanshi 8-Dan/Kendo Kyoshi 7-Dan

 7 January 1942 ~ 19 April 2020

It is with great sadness that the Australian Kendo Renmei (AKR) announces the passing of Oda Katsuo sensei on Sunday 19 April 2020.

Oda sensei’s first connection with Australia was in 1999 when he visited Australia with Nakanishi sensei as part of a team to run seminars around Australia in Kendo, Iaido and Jodo. The following year he visited Australia again, this time to assist Haga sensei in the running of the Iaido seminar at the AKR National Iaido and Jodo Seminar and Championships (AIJSC). At the National Council Conference of that same year (October 2000), Oda sensei was appointed as the Australian Iaido Technical Advisor. He attended all AIJSC events during this time and, despite retiring from this position in 2015, he continued to assist senior Iaido members with advanced training and advice for their examination attempts in Japan. Although he was in Australia specifically for the development of Iaido, he was also an accomplished Kendo practitioner who would also run Kendo trainings in Australia during his ‘time off’ from his Iaido commitments.

Oda sensei’s continuing influence, guidance and support for Australian Iaido and Kendo was profound and will never be forgotten. We are all very grateful for his dedicated help and great friendship and deeply saddened by his departure.

Rest in peace.

29th Iaido and 20th Jodo Seminar and Championships 2020 CANCELLED

Announcement made: 15th March 2020

In light of the most recent announcement by the Prime Minister of Australia regarding mandatory quarantine for international travellers to Australia, and the increasing number of infections of COVID-19 within our national borders, the Australian Iaido Jodo Seminar and Championships (AIJSC) 2020 scheduled for late May have been cancelled.

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45th Australian Kendo Championships 2020 CANCELLATION

Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, the upcoming 45th Australian Kendo Championships, seminar and grading has been cancelled.

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