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International Kendo Federation

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2009 34th Australian Kendo Championships

34th Australian Kendo Championships – Adelaide 2009

34 AKC Group photo
PDF of complete competiton draw.


Open Individual

  1. FirstĀ  – H Tani (WAKR).
  2. Second – K Smith (NSWKA).
  3. Equal Third – M Henstock (NSWKA), J Cross (NSWKA).


Kyu Individual

  1. First – L Lee (NSWKA).
  2. Second – T Reeve.
  3. Equal Third – B Yehuda, C Brondolino.

Women’s Individual

  1. First – V Yung (NSWKA).
  2. Second – K Sylvester (VKR).
  3. Equal Third – R Marshall, D-S Chun.

Veteran’s Individual

  1. First – T Nishimoto (NSWKA).
  2. Second – Y Sano (NSWKA).
  3. Equal Third – G Nicholas (QKR), B Brestovac (WAKR).

Open Teams

  1. First – Western Australia.
  2. Second – Victoria.

Kyu Teams

  1. First – Western Australia.
  2. Second – South Australia.

Women’s Teams

  1. First – New South Wales.
  2. Second – Victoria.

Kata Teams

  1. First Queensland
  2. Second Victoria

Fighting Spirit Awards

J. Chaplin (NSW), W. Yoo (WA), B. Nedic (VIC), S. Nguyen (SA)

John Butler Award

D. Boyd (ACT).