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2015 Australian University Games Kendo Competition

group 2

In 2015, the Australian University Games returned to its spiritual home – the iconic tourist and sporting destination of the Gold Coast. Major event partners, Tourism and Events Queensland, City of Gold Coast and Bond University welcomed over 8,300 student athletes from 42 universities to take part in sport over seven days.

The Kendo Competition was the first major event of the UniGames and was held on Saturday and Sunday 26 and 27 September.



 Kyu Women’s Individual

1 USYD Man Yan Ma
2 UTS Bernadette Baduria
3 MDU Anupa Kritmanorote
3 UTAS Xu Han

Kyu Open Individuals
1 MELB Jamie Shen
2 UTS Bernadette Baduria
3 UTS Patrick Chen
3 UTS Ha Anh Luong

Dan Women’s Individual
1 USYD Mingrui Zhao
2 MON Julie Tran
3 UNSW Ta-Yung Liu
3 GUG Anna Opertowksi-Marshall

 Dan Open Individual

1 RMIT KwangYul Jeong
2 UTS Tony Liu
3 ANU Kenyo Kaneda

Kyu Teams
1 University of Technology Sydney
2 University of Tasmania
3 The University of Melbourne
3 The University of Sydney

Open Teams
1 University of Technology Sydney
2 The University of Sydney
3 The University of New South Wales

PDF’s of the results and pool progress are linked to below.

Overall (all sports Champion University: The University of Sydney

 Per Capita Champion: Bond University

 Spirit of the Games: The University of Western Australia