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Results - 24th Australian Iaido and 15th Jodo Championships (2015)

24th AKR Iaido Championships (2015) – Results

6-4 Kyu Grade Individual

Perpetual Trophy: JAMES CUP

No registered competitiors in 2015

1-3 Kyu Grade Individual

Perpetual Trophy: HAGA CUP

Shodan Individual

Perpetual Trophy: UENO CUP

1st Place: Sharma Wrightson

2nd Place: Miriana Millares

Nidan Individual

Perpetual Trophy: BUTLER CUP

1st Place: Peter Carr

2nd Place: Andrew Amble

Sandan Individual

Perpetual Trophy: Milton CUP

1st Place: Peter Lee

2nd Place: Hiroko Tsukadaira

Yondan Individual

Perpetual Trophy: BLUE LEAF CUP

1st Place: Dominik Argast

2nd Place: Rick Berghuis

Iaido Teams

Perpetual Trophy: NAKANISHI CUP

1st Place: VIC – Jean Tan, Peter Lee, Dominik Argast

2nd Place: NSW – Lyma Balderama, Aiden Steinke, Andrew Amble

International Individual Goodwill

Perpetual Trophy: ODA CUP

Not Conducted

Iaido Seminar Encouragement Awards

James Archer


15th Australian Jodo Championships (2015)  Results

Jodo Pairs Kyu Grade Championship

Perpetual Trophy: NAGAYAMA CUP

1st Place: Gus Haddad / Mitsuhito Ozaki

2nd Place: Karim Haddad / David Bamford

Jodo Pairs Dan Grade Championship

Perpetual Trophy: LAWRENCE CUP

1st Place: Brendan Kee / Andrew Thompson

2nd Place: Stuart Owens / Klara Lantay

Jodo Individual 1-2 Dan Grade Championship

Perpetual Trophy: SHOJI SHIELD

1st Place: Peter Lee

2nd Place: Luke Tressler

Jodo Individual 3-4 Dan Grade Championship

Perpetual Trophy: OHARA SHIELD

1st Place:  Stuart Owens

2nd Place: Dominik Argast

Jodo Seminar Encouragement Awards

Aurelia Vanhalle

Mitsuhiro Ozaki