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2013 - 38th Australian Kendo Championships

38AKC Tenugui Design competition winner - Queenie Yau from Sydney Kendo Club.

The host of the 38th Australian Kendo Championships, Kendo Seminar and Grading 2013 was the New South Wales Kendo Association  from Friday 29 March to Tuesday 2 April 2013.

More details can be found at www.38akc.com.

Championships Results (Pool Draw links, below)

Kyu Individuals: PDF.

  • Winner: Gordon Lau (ACT)
  • Runner-up: Haruki Reid (VIC)
  • Equal 3rd: James Ko (NSW)
  • Equal 3rd: Viet Le (VIC)

Women’s Kyu Individuals:PDF.

  • Winner: Nicole So (NSW)
  • Runner-up: Kristine Ventura (VIC)
  • Third Place: Karen Le (NSW)

Open Individuals: PDF.

  • Winner: Jayson Chaplin (NSW)
  • Runner-up: Kazuya Kimura (VIC)
  • Equal 3rd: Kai Huang (NSW)
  • Equal 3rd: Anthony Tilbury (WA)

Women’s Dan Individuals: PDF.

  • Winner: Daseul Chun (NSW)
  • Runner-up: Vivian Yung (NSW)
  • Equal 3rd: Jenny Song (NSW)
  • Equal 3rd: Yuko Mayumi (VIC)

Veteran’s Individuals: PDF.

  • Winner: Andrew van Hamond (NSW)
  • Runner-up: Toshio Nishimoto (NSW)
  • Equal 3rd: Yuji Sano (NSW)
  • Equal 3rd: Ken Okamoto (QLD)

Kyu Team: PDF.

  • Winner: New South Wales
  • Runner-up: Victoria

Women’s Team: PDF.

  • Winner: Victoria
  • Runner-up: Australian Capital Territory

Kata Team: PDF.

  • Winner: Victoria
  • Runner-up: New South Wales

Open Team:  PDF.

  • Winner: New South Wales
  • Runner-up: Victoria

Fighting Spirit Awards:

  • Adrian Walker (NSW)
  • Brendan Kee (ACT)
  • Alex Paukovits (QLD)
  • Michelle Finn (WA)

John Butler Award:

  • Brett Smith, Yuji Sano & James Saretta

AKR Special Commendation Award:

  • Hiroshi Shinoda

Pool Draw, with progression, in Excel format.