The Australian Iaido & Jodo Seminar & Championships bring together members to take part in a week of training, followed by the Australian Championships and a senior level grading in both arts.

In 2013 the Seminar, the 22nd Australian Iaido Championships and 13th Australian Jodo Championships will be held in Hobart, Tasmania from Monday 21 January to Friday 25 January 2013.

More information at the Championships website.



James Cup – Individual 4-6 Kyu Grade Championships
1st Maria Santuccio
2nd Daryl Mokaraka

Haga Cup – Individual 1-3 Kyu Grade Championships
1st Vincent Sia
2nd Aaron Simpson

Butler Cup – Individual Shodan Grade Championships
No competition as there were no Shodan members present

Ueno Cup – Individual Nidan Grade Championships
1st Ben Sawers
2nd Dennis Glorie

Milton Cup – Individual Sandan Grade Championships
1st Rebecca Lee-Steere
2nd Tom Johnson

Blue Leaf Cup – Individual Yondan Grade Championships
1st Richard Ward
2nd Les Elliott

Nakanishi Cup – Iaido Open Team Championship
1st Western Australia (Julia Chay, Terri Gallear & Peter Woolmer)
2nd Victoria (Rebecca Lee-Steere, Aaron Simpson & Ben Sawers)

International Iaido Goodwill Competition

Oda Cup – Individual Championships
Not Held

Nagayama Cup – Jodo Kyu Grade Pairs Championship
1st Ceri Mawhinney / Daryl Mokaraka
2nd Michael Boogaard / Hanosh Fitter

Lawrence Cup – Jodo Dan Grade Pairs Championship
1st Brendan Kee / Ben Sawers
2nd Richard Berghuis / Terri Gallear

Shoji Shield – 1-2 Jodo Dan Grade – Individual Championship
1st Stuart Owens
2nd Dennis Glorie

Ohara Shield – 3-4 Jodo Dan Grade – Individual Championship
1st Peter Woolmer
2nd Rebecca Lee-Steere