Australian Iaido+Jodo Seminar+Championships 2013

Hobart Tasmania

The Australian Kendo Renmei

Showcasing Iaido and Jodo in Australia

The 2013 Australian Iaido & Jodo Seminar & Championships will be held in Hobart, Tasmania.

Training is lead by AKR Technical Advisers, Oda Katsuo Sensei (8 Dan Hanshi, Iaido) and Nagayama Kuniaki Sensei (7 Dan Kyoshi, Jodo), together with senior members of the local Iaido and Jodo community.

Registrations are now open. Please if you need further information.

Closing date for registrations

The Australian Kendo Renmei

The Australian Kendo Renmei is the governing body for Kendo, Seitei Iaido & Seitei Jodo.

Training in Iaido or Jodo

The AKR website has a list of State Associations where you can find a Club in your local area.

Contact the Organisers

For more information please email the

The Venue in Hobart

Training Location

All Seminar and Championship events will be held at the Moonah Sports Centre.

More Information

For more information on the facilities please contact the Moonah Sports Centre.

Moonah Sports Centre Gormanston Road Moonah TAS 7009

03 6228 4204 Location map

Schedule + Seminar Information

Visiting Sensei and What's Happening When

Event Schedule

The following schedule is subject to change and updates will be posted here when available.

Date AM Lunch PM Later
Mon 21 Jan Iaido Jodo
Tue 22 Jan Jodo Iaido
Wed 23 Jan Iaido Jodo Iaido & Jodo Board Meeting
Thu 24 Jan Jodo Iaido
Fri 25 Jan Iaido Iaido & Jodo Board AGMs Jodo
Sat 26 Jan Iaido & Jodo Competitions Official Dinner
Sun 27 Jan Iaido & Jodo GradingsDan level candidates only Kyu GradingsRun by the TSR (not part of the National Seminar)

Sensei From Japan & Australia

This is an initial list only, additional Sensei are expected to visit and names will be added to this list as they become available.

Sensei Iaido Jodo
Oda Katsuo Hanshi 8 Dan
Inoue Keizou Kyoshi 8 Dan 5 Dan
Nagayama Kuniaki Kyoshi 7 Dan Kyoshi 7 Dan
Ohara Tetsuo Kyoshi 7 Dan Renshi 6 Dan
Dr Ahloi Lee FRCA Renshi 7 Dan Renshi 7 Dan
Tsuchiya Hisao Renshi 7 Dan
Ramon Lawrence OAM Renshi 6 Dan 5 Dan
Yaguchi Emiko Renshi 6 Dan
Janet Griffiths 3 Dan 6 Dan

Seminar + Grading Registration

How to Apply

How to Register

Registration is open to members of the Australian Kendo Renmei and International affiliates of the All Japan Kendo Federation.

Please send your completed Registration Form and Grading Application Form (if applicable), along with full payment to your State or International Coordinator (see below).

Please note, it is not possible to register direct with the Organising Committee.

Grading at the Event

The Grading will be held on Sunday 27th January 2012 for Dan Grade candidates.

  • Seitei Iaido: 1st Dan to 4th Dan.
  • Seitei Jodo: 1st Dan to 3rd Dan.

A Kyu grading will be held on Sunday afternoon open to suitably qualified members and normal Australian grading rules apply.

The Kyu grading is managed by the Tasmanian Sando Renmei and is not part of the Australian Seminar & Championships.

Key Dates

Closing date for standard fee applications, late fee applies after this date.

Closing date for Seminar and Grading Applications.

Seminar & Championship Costs

Item Cost
Full Registration (Monday to Sunday) $350
Seminar Only (Monday to Friday) $280
Seminar Day Rate If you are attending 3 days or less. $70
Item Cost
Championship Only (Saturday) $70
Seminar Dinner $75
Late Registration Fee For any registrations after 21st December 2012. $60

State & Renmei Representatives

Location State Representative (Click to email)
For International enquiries or if no point of contact is listed for your location please contact the
SA Enquiries to the