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Results - 2011 Australian Iaido and Jodo Championships

Jodo Pairs Kyu Grade:
1st Place: Georgina Sexton/Mark Gasz (QLD)
2nd Place: Andrew Sheperdson/ Geoff Clark (TAS)
Jodo Pairs Dan Grade:
1st Place: Marcus Lee-Steere/Rebecca Lee-Steere (VIC)
2nd Place: Jason Anstey (WA)/Bob Brown (NSW)
Jodo Individual 1-2 Dan Grade:
1st Place: Tom Johnson (QLD)
2nd Place: Stuart Owens (NSW)
Jodo Individual 3+Dan Grade:
1st Place: Damon Schearer (ACT)
2nd Place:John Bear (ACT)
Jodo Encouragement Award:
Klara Lantag (NSW)
Louise Schmidtchen (ACT)

2011 Australian Iaido Championships
6-4 Kyu Grade Individual:
1st Place: Philippe Calamel (QLD)
2nd Place: Corona So (VIC)
1-3 Kyu Grade Individual:
1st Place: Julia Chay (WA)
2nd Place: Vincent Sia (WA)
Shodan Individual:
1st Place: Steve Giffen (VIC)
2nd Place: Majdie Hordern (ACT)
Nidan Individual:
1st Place: Paul D’Intino (VIC)
2nd Place: Bosko Erak (NSW)
Sandan Individual:
1st Place: Sugio Takenori (QLD)
2nd Place: Peter Woolmer (WA)
Yondan Individual:
1st Place: Brendon Frost (VIC)
2nd Place: Marcus Lee-Steere (VIC)
Team: (3 each)
1st Place: Victoria “A”
2nd Place: Western Australia “A”
International Goodwill Individual:
1st Place: Keiji Igarashi (Japan)
2nd Place: Paul D’Istino (Australia)
Iaido Encouragement Award:
Georgina Sexton (QLD)
Graham Splitt (NSW)