30th Australian Kendo Championships
Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, 26& 27 March 2005.

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The 30th Australian Kendo Championships, the preceding Seminar and Grading Exam were supported by a delegation of highly skilled and famous kendo sensei representing the International Kendo Federation (IKF):

Mr. Hidetoshi MIYAGAWA, 61, Kendo Kyoshi 8 dan.
Emeritus Kendo Instructor of Fukuoka Prefectural Police. Managing director of Fukuoka Prefecture Kendo Association. Formerly Kendo Instructor at Fukuoka Prefecture Police. Instructor at the 29th AKR Kendo Seminar and Championships in 2004.

Mr. Akira MATSUI, 61, Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan.
Formerly a Kendo Instructor at Okayama Prefectural Police. Competed in many competitions including Inter-Police Championships. Instructor at the IKF European Zone Kendo Referee Seminar in Belgium, February 2004.

Mr. Ken'ichi KURIHARA, 56, Kendo Kyoshi 8 Dan. Managing Director of a Japanese tea manufacturer. Has practiced kendo without a break since high school.


The below photos are from the preceding seminar and are Copyright © 2005 Mark Knapp. Thanks to Mark for the photos.

Seminar attendees training.

Men tsuke!

Keiko 1.

Concentration 1.

Concentration 2.

Keiko 2.

The below photos are from the preceding seminar and championships. Copyright © 2005 Michael Komoto. Thanks to Michael for the photos.  

Shinpan briefing 1. Miyahara sensei (R) assisted by Yuji Sano (L).

Shinpan briefing 2. Miyahara sensei (R) assisted by Yuji Sano (L).

Shinpan briefing 3.

Shinpan briefing 4. Matsui sensei explaining. Kurihara sensei in the background.

Shinpan briefing 5. Shinpan rotation.

Shinpan briefing 6. Miyagawa sensei (r) assisted by James Fennessey (AKR 7 dan).
Senseis being thanked. Left to right: Sumitaka Nagae (AKR 7dan), Shigeoka sensei (Osaka). IKF Delegation - Miyahara sensei, Matsui sensei and, Kurihara sensei.

Victorian Womens Team. First place.
L - R Kate Sylvester, Claire Chan, Hayami Aboutaleb.

New Soth Wales Womens Team.
L - R Vivian Yung, Melanie Smith and Shoko Bunder.

Victorian Kyu Grade Team.

Veterans place getters.

Australian Open Champion, Kirby Smith (holding banner).

Womens Championship finalists.
L - R Vivian Yung, NSW; Susan Bonar, WA; Claire Chan, Vic and Womens Champion, Kate Sylvester, Vic.

AKR President Ron Bennett making his closing speech.

State squads at the closing ceremony.

New South Wales Open Team.


Matsui sensei explaining ma-ai.

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