Registration is now available for the 2020 Australian Iaido & Jodo Seminar and Championships between the 30th May 2020 to the 4th June 2020, inclusive.


30-31 May 2020     Iaido seminar

1 June 2020           Iaido Dan level grading and 29th Australian Iaido Championships

2-3 June 2020        Jodo seminar

4 June 2020           Jodo Dan level grading and 20th Australian Jodo Championships



Sleeman Sports Complex

cnr Old Cleveland & Tilley Roads Chandler, QLD 4155


The online registration form for the Seminar & Championships can be found on the IJSC website here :

If you are planning to attend, please submit your registration using the above link. ALL members attending are required to register – including the 7th Dan’s (to enable catering).

To register, you will require your AKR Registration Number. This number is used each year to renew your AKR membership. If you do not know this number then it can be obtained by contacting your State Renmei Secretary OR in many cases usually on an AKR Dan Grading Certificate.


The online registration form for grading can be found on the IJSC website here :