The 2018 Australian Iaido & Jodo Seminar, Championships and grading exams will be held in Glenwood, Sydney, New South Wales.

Saturday 20 to Thursday 25 January 2018 – training in both Iaido and Jodo.

Check the event website for an up to date schedule, instructions on how to register and other details.  To apply to be examined, see below and the AKR Dan Grade Exam webpage for application details.

AKR Iaido and Jodo Dan-grade exams up to Iaido 5 Dan and Jodo 5 Dan will be held on Thursday 25 January 2018.  Kyu grade exams will also be arranged.

Note that Dan Grade (not Kyu) exam applications are a separate function to event registration. Dan exam applications are to be submitted to the AKR only via state and territory affiliated associations.  Contact your club or dojo for details. Check the Dan Exam application page for other details and Exam Questions..

Valentines Sports Park Indoor Court located 235-257 Meurants Lane, Glenwood, NSW. Map.



Kyu Grade Individual
1st – Fiona HAMPTON
2nd – Rizza Cousins

2 Dan Individual
1st – Sundara WRIGHTSON
2nd – Peter ZHU

4 Dan Individual
1st – Greg VERCOE
2nd – Andrew THOMPSON

5 Dan Individual
1st – Tom JOHNSON
2nd – Peter WOOLMER

State Team
1st – Queensland (Sundara WRIGHTSON, Narada WRIGHTSON, Sharma WRIGHTSON)
2nd – West Australia (Vincent SIA, Ben van DEIJL, Peter WOOLMER)

International Goodwill
1st – Australia (Greg VERCOE)
2nd – France (Fabrice MATHIEU)

Dan Grade Pairs
1st – Kevin WALSH & Graham SPLITT
2nd – Peter CARR & Tom JOHNSON

3-4 Dan Individual
1st – Ben WOOD
2nd – Graham SPLITT

5 Dan Individual
1st – Brendan KEE
2nd – Rick BERGUIS

International Goodwill
1st – Australia (Ben WOOD & Graham SPLITT)
2nd – Japan (Michi KAWADA & Keiji IGARASHI)