The 2016 Australian Iaido & Jodo Seminar, Championships and grading exams were held in Perth, Western Australia.  Registration and other details are on the event website.  

Training was supervised  by Senior Japanese Sensei including Nagayama Kuniaki Sensei, Kyoshi Jodo 7 Dan. together with senior members of the local Iaido and Jodo community.

Seminar and Championship events were held at the The Rise, 28 Eighth Avenue, Maylands.

Grading events were held at the Budokan Academy in Canning Vale – Willow Pond Reception Centre459 Nicholson Road, Canning Vale, WA, 6155.

Dates and Schedule:

18 – 24 January 2016.


16th Australian Jodo Championships.

NAGAYAMA CUP (Jodo Kyu Grade Pairs):
1st – Toby Nicholls (WAKR) & Toby Whitnall (WAKR).
2nd – Rachel Carr (WAKR) & Irene Chua (ACTKR).

LAWRENCE CUP (Jodo Dan Grade Pairs):
1st – Brendan Kee (ACTKR) & Andrew Thompson (ACTKR).
2nd – Peter Woolmer (WAKR) & Ben Wood (WAKR).

SHOJI SHIELD (1st & 2nd Dan Individuals):
1st – Ben Wood (WAKR).
2nd – Michi Kawada (ACTKR).

OHARA SHIELD (3rd/4th Dan Jodo Individuals):
1st – Brendan Kee (ACTKR).
2nd – Tom Johnson (QKR).


1st – Australia (Tom Johnson – Capt, Peter Carr & Rachel Carr).
2nd – Japan (Kazuko Butsui – Capt, Keiji Igarashi & Michi Kawada).

The following schedule is subject to change and updates will be posted here as available.

Date 8.30am for 9am start Lunch 4pm close Later
Monday 18 Jan Iaido Jodo
Tuesday 19 Jan Jodo Iaido
Wednesday 20 Jan Iaido  AGM Jodo Board Meeting
Thursday 21 Jan Jodo  AGM Iaido
Friday 22 Jan Iaido Jodo Welcome Dinner
Saturday 23 Jan Competitions
Sunday 24 Jan Kyu/Dan Jodo/Dan Iaido grading(8am for 9.30am start)


Grading exams will be held on Sunday 24th January 2016 for both Kyu and Dan Grade candidates. The dojo will open at 8am for a 9.30am start.

The gradings will be held in the following sequence.

  • Kyu Jodo
  • Kyu Iaido
  • Dan Jodo (1st to 3rd Dan)
  • Dan Iaido (1st to 4th Dan)

Note that Dan Grade applications are to be submitted via state and territory affiliated associations. Contact your club or dojo for details.

AKR Dan Grading Exam Application form, Modified – 1 May 2015. Submit to your club or dojo.

Kyu Grading Application form & Fees.  Apply direct to the WAKR, here .

To register to attend the Seminar and Championships.  Complete the form here. You will then receive an emailed confirmation of your details and advice of the amount to pay. Send that confirmation and your payment to your state association, to complete the registration for your state.

2016 IJSC Iaido Dan Grade Questions.

2016 IJSC Jodo Dan Grade Questions.

Dan exam key dates

Applications cut off date from members to clubs – 21/11/2015.

Suggested Applications cut off date from clubs to states – 5/12/2015.

Applications from states close with AKR – 15/12/2015 EXTENDED to 25/12/2015. No late applications will be considered.