15th Australian Iaido Championships
6th Australian Jodo Championships

29th January, 2006
Wollongong, New South Wales.

Iaido Competition

1-2 Dan Individual: UENO CUP.
1st: T. Sugio
2nd: M. Deane (VIC)

3+ Dan Individual: BLUE LEAF CUP.
1st: Marcus Lee-Steere (VIC)
2nd: Claire Chan (VIC)

Australian Iaido Team Competition
Nakanishi Cup.
Donated by Nakanishi Sensei 2000.

1st: Victoria "A"
2nd: Western Australia "A"

1-3 Kyu Grade Individual Competition: HAGA CUP.
1st: D. Campbell
2nd: John Usher (VIC)

6-4 Kyu Grade Individual Competition: JAMES CUP.
1st: Paul Lagoutatzis (VIC)
2nd: G. Costanzo

Iaido Encouragement Award.
Kyu Grade - TBA
Dan Grade - TBA


Jodo Competition

Jodo Pairs Dan Grade Championship Pair: LAWRENCE CUP
1st: Marcus Lee-Steere/Anthony Pickering (VIC) 2nd: Brendan Frost/Andrea Pickering (VIC)

Jodo Pairs Kyu Grade Jodo Champion Pair:
Donated by Budokan Academy 2002.
1st: Matthew Deane/Chirot Sarraniyathan (VIC) 2nd: Labuschagne/Graudins (Tas)

Jodo Encouragement Award
Kyu Grade - TBA
Dan Grade - TBA

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