13th Australian Iaido Championships
4th Australian Jodo Championships

25th January, 2004
Melbourne, Victoria.

Australian Dan Individual Iaido Champion

1-2 Dan Individual: UENO CUP.
1st: Brendon Frost (VIC).
2nd: Jason Flockton (WA).

3+ Dan Individual: BLUE LEAF CUP, donated by Kadona Sensei 1991.
1st: Claire Chan (VIC).
2nd: Jason Flockton (WA).

Australian Iaido Team Champions
Nakanishi Cup
- donated by Nakanishi Sensei 2000.
1st - VIC "A" (Claire Chan, Brendon Frost, Anthony Pickering)
2nd - WA "A" (Jason Flockton, Russell Lawrence, Jeri James).



Australian Kyu Individual Iaido Champion

6-4 Kyu Grade Individual: (Inaugural year).
1st: Susanna Goletsos (VIC) 2nd Place: Luis Pires (VIC).

1-3 Kyu Grade Individual: HAGA CUP - donated by Budokan Academy 2002.
1st: Chris Goletsos (VIC).
2nd: Dave Puzey (WA).

Iaido Encouragement Award
Susanna Goletsos (VIC) & Jeremy Nemeh (VIC).
Dan: Hans Groesslinger (WA) & Brendan Frost (VIC).

Kyu Individual Seitei Jodo Champion Pair
donated by Budokan Academy 2002
1st - Andrea Juresko/Vui Tung Mau (VIC).
2nd - Marcus Lee-Steere/Luis Pires (VIC).

Encouragement Award
Kyu: Vui Tung Mau (VIC) & Luis Pires (VIC).
Dan: Denichi Jacob (WA) & Bob Brown (NSW).


  Dan Seitei Jodo Champion Pair
LAWRENCE CUP- donated by Ramon Lawrence 2001

1st - Anthony Pickering/Marcus Lee-Steere (VIC).
2nd - Mark Hird/Russell Lawrence (WA).

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