12th Australian Iaido Championships

26th January, 2003
Gold Coast

Australian Dan Individual Iaido Champion
Blue Leaf Cup - donated by Kadona Sensei 1991
1st - Geordie Thompson WA
2nd - Claire Chan VIC
3rd - David Kolb QLD

Australian Iaido Team Champions
Nakanishi Cup - donated by Nakanishi Sensei 2000
1st - Victoria "A"-
Claire Chan, Anthony Pickering & Marcus Lee-Steere
2nd - Queensland "A" -
John Isaacs, David Kolb & Katsumi Kuramochi
3rd - Victoria "C" -
Desi Szilagyi, Chris Goletsos & Luis Pires

International Goodwill Iaido Team Competition
Australia defeated New Zealand 3-2
  Australian Kyu Individual Iaido Champion
Haga Cup - donated by Budokan Academy 2002
1st - Les Elliott TAS
2nd - Nial Muecke VIC
3rd - Brendon Frost VIC

Iaido Encouragement Award
Selected and presented by Oda Sensei
Christine Cash TAS, Hans Groesslinger WA
Kevin Humphrey QLD, Marcus Lee-Steere VIC

Selection of Australian Iaido Team 2003
Geordie Thompson WA
Claire Chan VIC
David Kolb QLD
Ramon Lawrence WA
Glen Henry QLD
Jeri James WA

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