1.5.7 Overseas Gradings Grading Examinations Conducted by the All Japan Kendo Federation (AJKF) or another International Kendo Federation (FIK) affiliated national organisation.

The results of examinations conducted by other FIK affiliated federations will be recognised providing the procedure is followed as detailed below:

The AJKF application form for this purpose is available from the AKR website, the FIK or the AKR Secretary.

The following application procedure is to be followed.
The applicant must -

The form and the photocopy of the current Dan Certificate will be checked for correctness and must be authorised by the AKR President. (Note that all application documents will then be returned to applicants to complete their application personally).

Overseas national federations also usually require a letter of permission to be provided by the applicants national federation.  The application documents will be returned to the applicant with a letter of permission, so they may complete the application process.

Late applications will not be considered. (Please note that some overseas exams have up to 1000 applicants and for such events, the applications are handled in a strictly controlled schedule.)

The result of the Examination should be reported to the AKR, together with a copy of the Dan Certificate so that the AKR Register may be updated.

Grading Examinations at World Kendo Championships, as well as those held in Japan, are considered to be conducted by the AJKF, and are governed by their rules. Grading Examinations Conducted by Other Countries.

Examinations conducted by other FIK member countries are valid, providing the same procedure is followed as detailed in para and is accepted by the country concerned.

Overseas Members

AKR Members (or former members) who reside overseas for approximately a year, or more, are advised to join their local kendo association, where they will abide by local rules and procedures for grading application.

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