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2010 SportAccord First Combat Games, Beijing, China

In March 2009, SportAccord signed an agreement with the city of Beijing, Peoples Republic of China, to organise the first SportAccord Combat Games.  Scheduled from 28 August to 4 September 2010, the competition will showcase 13 Martial Arts and Combat sports, both Olympic and non-Olympic, including Kendo.

The event will also include a Cultural Program that will reflect the social and cultural values of those arts and sports and the Combat Games as a whole.

Each Martial Art or Combat sport will have 80 top athletes competing in the Games.  It is expected that the world best martial arts and combat sports athletes will qualify for the Combat Games. Both male and female athletes will take part.

The Games are supported by the International Kendo Federation (FIK) and the AKR.
More information is at the FIK Games website and Combat Games website.

Mar 16, 2010

AKR kendo players selected for the SportAccord Combat Games.

Congratulations to Brett Smith, and Kate Sylvester!

Brett and Kate were selected by the AKR Kendo Board to represent Australia at the first SportAccord Combat Games, to be held in Beijing from 28 August to 4 September 2010. Both Brett and Kate are previous winners of Australian Kendo Championships and team members for the World Kendo Championships.

AKR was allocated just one position each for the Womens and Mens competition, this made the selection difficult, from a very talented short-list of suitable players.

We wish Brett and Kate well for their preparation for the event.

12 July 2010

In addition to competing in the individuals competition, Brett Smith has been selected to also compete in the East v West competition, and Kate Sylvester is one of four female players selected for Joshikeiko (Keiko by women players).

The Australian kendo representatives are sponsored by the Beijing City Governemt, Peoples Republic of China; kendo equipment supplier Zen Sankei Australia and the AKR.