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Instructor Accreditation


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To better serve our members and to protect and assist sensei and instructors, a scheme was introduced on 29 December 2007, to train, develop and accredit members who perform teaching or instructing roles within the AKR, to reach certain benchmarks and agree to defined ethics and principles.

The first steps were:

  • To accredit all then currently active members who were previously recorded by AKR as being accredited in the Australian Sports Commissions (ASC) National Coaching Accreditation Scheme (NCAS). Eq., a member who was previously recorded by AKR as an NCAS Level 2 Kendo Coach, may be accredited as an AKR IAS Level 2 Kendo Instructor.
  • Introduce a new AKR AIS level for entry level instructors  (Level O). The new AKR IAS Level O is the entry level for all new AKR instructors.

Note: If you are an instructor and are not on the Instructors list, please first ensure that you have sent ALL the required documents; then contact your State Association to enquire the progress of your accreditation.

Australian Kendo Renmei, Accredited Instructors for 2016-2020.

(As at 21/10/2016)

AKR Registry ID Family Name Given Name State Association name. Gender Kendo Instructor Level Iaido Instructor Level Jodo Instructor Level AKR IAS Expiry Date
A00102 Boyd Darren ACTKR M 0 0 30/06/2020
A00122 Cunningham David ACTKR M 0 30/06/2020
A00278 Meshcheriakova Elena NSWKA F 0 30/06/2020
A00278 van Hamond Andrew NSWKA M 1 30/06/2020
N00233 Park Dwight NSWKA M 0 30/06/2020
N00249 Sano Yuji NSWKA M 2 30/06/2020
N00252 Song Byung-Kwan NSWKA M 0 30/06/2020
N00258 Stouffers Doug NSWKA M 1 0 30/06/2020
N00297 Yung Vivian NSWKA F 0 30/06/2020
N00306 Chaplin Jason NSWKA M 1 30/06/2020
N00331 Yano Yoichi VKR M 0 30/06/2020
N00358 Franklin Ruth NSWKA F 0 30/06/2020
N00399 Banbury David NSWKA M 0 30/06/2020
N00632 Lee Luke Jung-Chul NSWKA M 0 30/06/2020
N00790 Lantay-Owens Klara NSWKA F 0 0 30/06/2020
N00818 Owens Stuart NSWKA M 0 0 30/06/2020
N00823 Amble Andrew NSWKA M 0 30/06/2020
N00953 Iwasa Chika NSWKA F 0 30/06/2020
Q00113 Tsukadaira Toshiaki QKR M 2 0 30/06/2020
Q00114 Tsukadaira Hiroko QKR F 2 0 30/06/2020
Q00121 Tamura Noriyuki QKR M 0 30/06/2020
Q00126 Cowan Martin QKR M 0 0 30/06/2020
Q00127 Kuramochi Katsumi QKR M 3 0 0 30/06/2020
Q00150 Humphrey Kevin QKR M 1 0 30/06/2020
Q00209 Johnson Tom QKR M 0 0 30/06/2020
Q00426 Willis Paul QKR M 0 30/06/2020
Q00559 Fenton Benjamin QKR M 0 30/06/2020
T00151 Bresler Lars TSR M 0 30/06/2020
V00006 Ward Richard VKR M 2 0 30/06/2020
V000185 Szwarcbord Peter VKR M 3 0 30/06/2020
V00107 Oliver Gary VKR M 2 30/06/2020
V00127 Chan Claire VKR F 1 30/06/2020
V001817 Jeong Kwangyul (Daniel) VKR M 0 30/06/2020
V00269 Smith Brett VKR M 2 30/06/2020
V00270 Aboutaleb Hayami VKR F 1 30/06/2020
V01865 Wright Hyun Hong VKR F 0 30/06/2020
V01866 Wright William VKR M 0 30/06/2020