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Results: 2008. 16th Australian Iaido and 7th Australian Jodo Championships

Results – 16th Australian Iaido Championships

6-4 Kyu Grade Individual:

  • Perpetual Trophy: JAMES CUP
  • 1st Place: Vincent Sia (WA)
  • 2nd Place: Tim Wilson (VIC)

1-3 Kyu Grade Individual:

  • Perpetual Trophy: HAGA CUP
  • 1st Place: Paul D’Intino (VIC)
  • 2nd Place: Peter Lee (VIC)

Shodan Individual:

  • Perpetual Trophy: UENO CUP
  • 1st Place: Ben Jackson (VIC)
  • 2nd Place: Brendan Kee (ACT)

Nidan Individual:

  • Perpetual Trophy: BUTLER CUP
  • 1st Place: Sugio Takenori (QLD)
  • 2nd Place: Matt Deane (VIC)

Sandan Individual:

  • Perpetual Trophy: Milton CUP
  • 1st Place: Marcus Lee-Steere (VIC)
  • 2nd Place: Brendan Frost (VIC)

Yondan Individual:

  • Perpetual Trophy: BLUE LEAF CUP
  • 1st Place: Claire Chan (VIC)
  • 2nd Place: Jeri James (WA)


  • Perpetual Trophy: NAKANISHI CUP
  • 1st Place: Victoria “A”
  • 2nd Place: Victoria “B”

Iaido Encouragement Awards:

  • Steven Boulais (NSW)
  • Chris Smith (TAS)


Results – 7th Australian Jodo Championships

Jodo Pairs Kyu Grade Championship:

  • Perpetual Trophy:  NAGAYAMA CUP
  • 1st Place: Chris Smith/Dylan Labeschagne (TAS)
  • 2nd Place: Rishni Ratnam/Stephen Spencer (ACT)

Jodo Pairs Dan Grade Championship:

  • Perpetual Trophy: LAWRENCE CUP
  • 1st Place: Russell Lawrence (WA)/ Marcus Lee-Steere (VIC)
  • 2nd Place: Andrea Pickering/Brendon Frost (VIC)

Jodo Encouragement Awards:

  • Stephen Spencer (ACT)
  • Ben Sawers (VIC)