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Time in grade policy


Applicants must maintain continuity of training and membership for the entire period between grades and complete the total time-in-grade, as specified below (and in the MoD Section 1, clause 1.5.3 AKR Standard Rules for Grading).

Years for the time in grade will be calculated from the date of the last grading to up to a maximum of 14 days before the completion of the requisite time in years (e.g. 1st Dan received 1st June 2000, eligible to grade from 18th May 2001 onwards). Additionally, for this purpose, the respective AKR National Championships will be regarded as being one year apart.

To be eligible to sit their first grading, a person must have trained for 3 months or more at the time of grading, and must be registered as an AKR member (with an AKR number) at the time of submitting the grading application.

The applicant must satisfy the prescribed periods of practice (Table 2) before lodging applications with the relevant Affiliate.

Table 2: Prescribed Periods of Practice and Minimum Age Conditions

Level to Be Examined Period to Be Elapsed Prior to Examination Applied for Minimum Age Condition

(at the date of examination)

Kyu 3 months or longer Not applicable
Shodan (1 Dan) (Iaido and Jodo) 3 months or more after granting of 1 Kyu 13 Years
Shodan (1 Dan) (Kendo) 5 months or longer after granting of 1 Kyu 13 Years
2 Dan 1 year or longer after granting of Shodan Not applicable
3 Dan 2 years or longer after granting of 2 Dan Not applicable
4 Dan 3 years or longer after granting of 3 Dan Not applicable
5 Dan 4 years or longer after granting of 4 Dan Not applicable

All AKR life members and affiliate members must also maintain continuity of training and membership for the entire period between grades. The Specifics of this requirement are outlined below (and in MoD Section 1, clause 1.4.2 Grading Examinations).

After an interruption to the continuity of their training and AKR membership, a Dan graded life member or former affiliate member who wishes to apply to be examined for their next grade, must:–

  1. Renew their AKR membership.
  2. Pay back fees where appropriate.
  3. Train continuously for more than 12 months.
  4. Complete the total time-in-grade as specified above.
  5. If requested, supply proof of continuity of the above training and membership criteria.

In addition all other Grading application criteria and rules relative to the grade applied for must also be met.