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Apply for an AKR Dan Exam

Procedures and forms to be examined overseas are here.

Information on how to apply to be examined for a Kendo, Iaido or Jodo Dan grade at a National Grading Exam conducted by the Australian Kendo Renmei. (Kyu exams are conducted by state affiliates).

Please note: Confirming the eligibility of applications, preparing the examination order and certificates will be managed in one batch.  Therefore, no late applications will be considered.  Your co-operation will be appreciated.


  1. Members should apply direct to their club or dojo using the AKR Grading Application form PDF, completing all required fields.
  2. Clubs or dojo decide if applicants are approved, then compile all their members applications into an Excel workbook and send that to their state association, according to the arrangements within each state (Retain the Application form at the club or dojo for possible reference to later).
  3. State Associations confirm that details are correct, then compile all applicants from their state into one workbook; calculate the amount to pay; then pay that amount to the AKR bank account and send the application workbook to the AKR prior to the application closing date.
  4. AKR will confirm receipt to the state after the application closing date.

Forthcoming AKR National Dan Exams

Kendo. 1 to 5 Dan, 19 April 2017. Canberra, ACT., during the events surrounding the 42nd Australian Kendo Championships. Event page.

  • AKR Exam Application forms to be completed by applicants and submitted to clubs.  Completing the Excel workbook may assist your club.
    Suggested close date – 28/02/2017.
  • Application workbooks, to be sent from clubs to states. Completing the workbook assists your state.
    Suggested close date – 10/03/2017.
  • Application workbooks and payment for all applicants to be submitted from each state to the AKR.
    Closing date – 20/03/2017.  Instructions are in the workbook.

Dan Exam Questions: Please download the PDF.

Iaido and Jodo, 1 to 5 Dan for both, Tuesday 21 February 2017, Melbourne, Victoria.

Members should apply direct their club or dojo using the Application form for AKR Grading Exam PDF by 29/12/2016.  Complete the XLS file to assist your club.

Clubs or dojo complete the XLS file and submit their state association by 12/01/2017.  Complete the XLS file to assist your state.

State associations should submit a complied XLS file/s including all their applying members to the AKR by 22/01/2017. Please use a separate XLS file for each art and follow the payment instructions contained within.  No late applications will be considered.

Application form for AKR Grading Exam  PDF.

Dan exam questions – Iaido, PDF.

Dan exam questions – Jodo, PDF.

Other details are on the event page.

Kendo 1-5 Dan, Wednesday 30 March 2016, Tallebudgera, Queensland.

Applications from members to clubs – cut off date 5/02/2016. Applications from clubs to states – cut off date 19/02/2016.
Applications to AKR from state associations – close 29 February 2016. No late applications will be considered.


Iaido 1-5 Dan and Jodo 1-3 Dan, Sunday 25 January, 2015, Canberra, ACT. Details and questions.

Applications close 25 December 2015.


Kendo 1-5 Dan, Wednesday 8 April 2015, Melbourne, Victoria.  Applications close 14 March 2015.

Kendo exam questionsPDF. (Updated 13 March 2015).