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2015 Australian Iaido and Jodo Championships

Iaido & Jodo Graphics Copyright Greg Vercoe

The 24th Australian Iaido and 15th Australian Jodo Championships, Seminar and Exams was held at the David Cocking Sport and Recreation Centre on the campus at The Australian National University, Canberra, ACT.

Seminar attendees group photo

Seminar attendees group photo

The events were –

SEMINARS for Iaido and Jodo
Monday 19 to Saturday 24 January 2015, from 8.30am – 4pm.

DAN EXAMS for Iaido and Jodo
Sunday 25 January 2015, 8.30am – 12.30pm.  Online applications only are now open.

The Australian Capital Territory Kendo Renmei (ACTKR) are proud to host

  • the 24th Australian Iaido Championships, and
  • the 15th Australian Jodo Championships


The following schedule is subject to change and updates will be posted here as available.

Date AM Lunch PM Evening
Mon 19 Jan Iaido Jodo
Tues 20 Jan Jodo Iaido
Wed 21 Jan Iaido Jodo
Thu 22 Jan Jodo Iaido Meeting of Boards
Fri 23 Jan Iaido Iaido & Jodo Board AGM Jodo
Sat 24 Jan Iaido & Jodo Championships Official Dinner

The visiting Japanese delegation will be led by:

ODA Katsuo Iaido 8th Dan Hanshi, Kendo 7th Dan Kyoshi, Shizuoka Prefecture, Iaido Technical Advisor to AKR

NAGAYAMA Kuniaki, Iaido 7th Dan Kyoshi, Jodo 7th Dan Kyoshi, Kendo 7th Dan Kyoshi , Sendai Prefecture, Jodo Technical Advisor to AKR.


Registration is open to members of the Australian Kendo Renmei and International affiliates of the All Japan Kendo Federation.

Full event $360
Day attendance (M-F) $120 per day
Championships (Sat) $60
Official Dinner (Sat) $45


  • Registration opens Saturday 1 November 2014.
  • A late registration fee of $50 will be required for all registrations received after Friday 19 December 2014.
  • Registration closes Monday 12 January 2015.
  • An extra tickets must be purchased for any additional guests attending the Official Dinner.
  • Any participant holding the below grade(s) will receive a discount (but will still require payment for Official Dinner):
  • 7th Dan in either Iaido or Jodo will not be required to pay for the Seminar or Championships.
  • 6th Dan in either Iaido or Jodo will receive a 50% discount off the relevant portion of the fee IF attending the full event.
  • 5th Dan in either Iaido or Jodo will receive a 25% discount off the relevant portion of the fee IF attending the full event.

How to Register:

  1. Download Registration form (available from 1 November).
  2. Complete the form – it will auto calculate cost and any discounts.
  3. Transfer payment to your State Renmei as per the auto calculation.
  4. Update the form with the bank transfer details.
  5. Email the completed form to:


An AKR Dan Grading Exam will be held on Sun 25 January.  Applications online close at 5pm 25 December 2014.

AKR Dan Exam questions – IaidoJodo.

We hope to be able to accommodate candidate attempting up to Sandan in Jodo and up to Godan in Iaido.  Godan candidates who indicate an intent to grade on their application for will be advised (by email from an Iaido Board representative) if this is no longer available.

It is planned that the AKR Iaido and Jodo Boards will conduct the Dan Grading Exams in the morning.

Dan grade candidates please note that this may be changed so return travel to your home state should allow for such changes.

The ACTKR will conduct the Kyu Grade Exams after midday.

Those attempting grading(s) are strongly encouraged to attend the seminar.

Please note that the Grading Registration and payment is separate to the Seminar & Championships.

Closing date for registering grading application and fees:

  • AKR Dan Grade Exams: 5pm Thursday 25 December 2014. Dan candidates ONLY apply online.
    Kyu Grade Exams: 5pm Mon 19 Jan 2015.

Kyu grading registration will be in person on day one of the seminar.  DO NOT send payment electronically unless first discussing with ACTKR organiser.  If you will not be present on day one of the seminar, please discuss with ACTKR organiser. ACTKR organiser can be contacted at kuroyamakai@gmail.com

Where can you stay in Canberra?


 ANU University House Hotel

1 Balmain Crescent, Acton, ACT 2601

Ph: 02 6125 5275/5276

Email: accommodation.unihouse@anu.edu.au

 Medina Serviced Apartments Canberra

74 Northbourne Avenue , Canberra, ACT 2601

Ph: 02 6240 1234


 Mantra on Northbourne

84 Northbourne Avenue, Canberra, ACT 2612

Ph: 13 15 17


 Argyle Executive Apartments

144/33 Currong St., Reid, ACT 2612

Ph: 02 6275 0800


Bed& Breakfast

 Northbourne Lodge

522 Northbourne Avenue, Downer ACT

Ph: 02 6257 2599

 Miranda Lodge

534 Northbourne Avenue, Downer ACT

Ph: 02 6249 8038

 Blue and White Lodge

524 Northbourne Avenue, Downer ACT

Ph: 02 6257 7285

 Parkview Bed & Breakfast

526 Northbourne Avenue Downer ACT

Ph: 02 6248 0655

 All four are on Northbourne Street approx. 2kms to the ANU (there is an ACTION bus stop right in front) and about 500m from Dickson which has Woolworths and a large number of dining options.