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The Australian Government through the Australian Sports Commission recognises the Australian Kendo Renmei as the National Sporting Organisation to develop kendo, iaido and jodo in Australia


The International Kendo Federation

The international federation of national kendo associations. International Kendo Federation


The international federation of national sporting associations. SportAccordAustralian University Sport Australian University Sport

37th Australian Kendo Championships

The 37th Australian Kendo Championships, Seminar and Grading Exam will be held in Canberra, ACT, 7-11 April 2012. Also the Annual General Meetings of both the AKR National Council meeting and the AKR Kendo Board will be held.

The 37th Australian Kendo Championships and Kendo Seminar will be held in Canberra from 7  to 11 April 2012.

37th Australian Kendo Championships

Full and the latest details are on the Championships website.

Supplementary AKR Kendo Competition Rules are here.