The Australian Iaido & Jodo Seminar & Championships bring together members to take part in a week of training, followed by the Australian Championships and a senior level grading in both arts.

In 2012 the Seminar, the 21st Iaido Championships and 12th Jodo Championships will be held in Sydney, New South Wales.

Training will be supervised by Oda Katsuo Sensei, Iaido Hanshi 8 Dan (Iaido Technical Adviser) and Nagayama Kuniaki Sensei, Jodo Kyoshi 7 Dan (Jodo Technical Adviser), together with senior members of the local Iaido and Jodo community.

Dates – Monday 23 January – Sunday 29 January 2012.

Venue Brickpit Sports Stadium at 1 Dartford Road, Thornleigh New South Wales, 2120.

More details and registration procedures are at the Championships website.

Draft Schedule

Mon 23 Jan Jodo Iaido. Session includes Kendo Kata
Tue 24 Jan Iaido Jodo. Session includes Kendo Kata
Wed 25 Jan Jodo. Including Shinpan training Iaido. Session includes Kendo Kata
Thu 26 Jan Iaido. Including Shinpan training Jodo. Session includes Kendo Kata
Fri 27 Jan Jodo followed by Iaido Iaido & Jodo Board AGMs
Sensei sightseeing
Markup of shiajo
Dojo available for free training
Sat 28 Jan Iaido & Jodo Competitions Championship Dinner
Sun 29 Jan Iaido & Jodo Dan Grading Exam up to Iaido 4 Dan and Jodo 3 Dan.


Oda Katsuo Hanshi 8 Dan Kyoshi 7 Dan
Nagayama Kuniaki Kyoshi 7 Dan Kyoshi 7 Dan Kyoshi 7 Dan
Ohara Tetsuo Kyoshi 7 Dan Renshi 6 Dan
Tsuchiya Hisao Kyoshi 7 Dan
Dr Ahloi Lee FRCA Renshi 7 Dan Renshi 7 Dan
Ramon Lawrence OAM Renshi 6 Dan 5 Dan

RESULTS2012 Iaido Jodo Competition Results