The Australian Sports Commission (ASC) : The Australian Sport Mentoring Collective

‘The Australian Sport Mentoring Collective’ is a pilot program of the Australian Sports Commission (ASC) .

The three-month program will kick off in May and will support former women athletes and coaches looking to transition into the sport workforce as well as current women administrators looking to progress in their role.

The ASC is now looking for men and women mentors who are passionate about helping others, have strong advocacy skills and are well connected in their field.

Successful applicants will receive formal training and will need to meet with their matched mentee at least six times online over 12 weeks.

In return, mentors will gain numerous benefits as it’s proven to increase job satisfaction, strengthen leadership skills and offer a new perspective.

To find out more or to apply please click here.

Applications close Friday April 15 at 5:00pm AEST.

Please direct any questions about the program to