AKR Delegation to attend FIK Asian Zone Shinpan Seminar in Hong Kong

In mid-November 2016, the AKR Kendo Board asked members to express their interest in attending the International Kendo Federarations (FIK) FY 2016 Asian Zone Shinpan Seminar in Hong Kong.  The seminar is to be held on February 17-19, 2017.

On 22 December 2016, the Kendo Board announced the names of the applicants selected to be included in the AKR Delegation. The Delegation of thirteen members is the biggest to attend such a seminar outside of Australia, ever. This is pride inducing, an indicator of our healthy membership and skill growth and very exciting for our future.

The demographic spread of Delegation members attending is also most encouraging.

We have new and more experienced; high to middle Dan levels; men and women, young and older and a good spread from all mainland states and territories.

The statistics are –

Total                13
Men 9
Women 4
Dan Grade
7 Dan 5
6 Dan 2
5 Dan 4
4 Dan 2
Home State
Vic 4
Qld 2
SA 1
WA 1
NT 1
Age Range
31 -40 4
41-50 3
51-60 3
61-70 3

The AKR Kendo Board provided six subsidies each of $1000 to selected members. The choice was quite difficult because of the number and attributes of all the applicants and their applications. Other subjects also considered were – who had been subsidised to attend previous FIK shinpan seminars and the advance submission by applicants of a plan to conduct local shinpan skilling sessions to members,  on their return.