Australian Team, Delegation and Team Supporter events in Tokyo, prior to 16WKC.

The Australian Kendo Team has been to compete at the World Kendo Championships in Japan only twice since their first appearance in 1979! For the forthcoming 16th World Kendo Championships, their visit will be the third time!

AKR and the Nippon Sports Science University (Nittaidai), are organising two invitation only events.

A kendo keiko session, to be followed by a Reception to celebrate the Teams arrival and to say a big THANK YOU to our fabulous Japanese supporters!

If you will be in the area on Wednesday 27 May 2015; you are an AKR member or an AKR Team Supporter, then this is an opportunity to join with the AKR Team and Delegation Members, kendo sensei from Nittaidai, plus many other Japan based kendo sensei and people who have supported Australian kendo over many years.

If you will come, we need to know for planning purposes. Note: This is not an Aussie style turn up or not, as you feel, occasion. If you want to come, we need to know, because others in Japan will be going to a lot of trouble on our behalf.

There maybe a cost to attend the reception, but that will be finalised and advised when we know more.

Reservations re now completed – thank you all