Support the Australian Kendo Team, heading for Tokyo!

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In May 2015, the Australian Kendo Team made up of about twenty AKR members, the Team Coaches and Manager and a support Delegation, will head to Tokyo for the 16th World Kendo Championships.

Nihon Budokan, in the centre of Tokyo, The venue for the first World Kendo Championships and now, forty-five years later, the 16th World Kendo Championships.

In particular, the commitment of the Team members to prepare for and then to attend this important event is a huge task physically, emotionally and financially.

If you would like to show your support for the Australian Kendo Team, you can make a Tax Deductable Donation.

Tax Deductable Donations are an effective and popular way for may companies and peopel to support many causes.   AKR has joined with a federal government organisation to facilitate donations to defray some of the Team members travel costs.

For donations to be deductable, they can be made online, or by mailing a cheque accompanied by a Donation Form.


Here’s a video to inform and excite potential donors!

Note that all the funds raised from these efforts go entirely to the Australian Kendo Team members.  The AKR Delegation travel costs are separate.

Donors and Sponsors to the Australian Kendo Team (at 2 December 2014)

T-shirt sales, over $1000.00
MLC Wealth Solutions.
Masayuki Miyasaka, Kobe, Japan.
Kyohei Fujiee, Benalla, Australia.
Randy Le-Bherz, Queensland, Australia.
Carl Carrick, Queensland, Australia.
Wei Ding, New South Wales, Australia.
Shogun kendo equipment.  Shogun Kendogu also offer all AKR Team Supporters and members a 5% discount on purchases.  Enter the coupon code SGK-AKR5.
Julie Robinson, Success, WA.
Phillip Uzunovski, North Strathfield, NSW.
Keiko Tredinnick, Middle Cove, NSW.
Brenton Day, Balgowlah, NSW.
Kevin Wong, Meadowbank, NSW.
Robert Reid, Highett, Vic.
Steven Lawley, NSW, Australia.
Bruce Valpied, Vic., Australia
Sharyn Wragg, ACT, Australia
Dean Williams, WA, Australia
Paul Whelan, Vic, Australia
Vany Gunaratnam, Vic., Australia
Claire Sonego, Vic., Australia
Claudio Bucella, SA, Australia
Michael Henstock, NSW, Australia
Olivia Soesanto, NSW, Australia
Alfredo Jose Hoyos Bahamon, Vic., Australia
Frank Hussey, Tas., Australia
Stephen Lee, NSW, Australia
Joseph Pearson, Qld., Australia
Joseph El-Hachem, NSW, Australia
Han Lew, Vic., Australia
Maree Grenfell, Kew, Vic., Australia
Susan Antoun, Goodwood, SA,Australia
Adam Zaborszczyk, CARLTON NORTH, Vic., Australia
Cecile Legrand, Collingwood, Vic., Australia
Jonathan Maher, Fitzroy North, Vic., Australia
Steven Lawley, WOY WOY, NSW., Australia
Cameron Wheeler, Kingswood, SA., Australia
Andrew Duell, in memory of Tracey Duell. Red Hill, Qld.
Victorian Kendo Renmei, Melbourne, Vic.
Australian Capital Territory Kendo Renmei, Canberra, ACT

Shogun Kendogu also offer all AKR Team Supporters and members a 5% discount on purchases.  Enter the coupon code SGK-AKR5.
Shogun Kendogu also offer all AKR Team Supporters and members a 5% discount on purchases. Enter the coupon code SGK-AKR5.