New AKR Iaido & Jodo Boards elected

Dear AKR Members,

Elections were held for the AKR Iaido & Jodo Boards for the term 2015-18.

Congratulations to the newly elected members of the Iaido & Jodo Boards for 2015-18.  The new Boards will commence on 25 January 2015, at the conclusion of the forthcoming iaido and jodo seminar.

The new Boards members are –


*     Damon Schearer, ACT

*     Les Elliot, TAS

*     Tom Johnson, QLD

*     David Kolb, QLD

*     Christina Trevillion, NSW

JODO BOARD 2015-18

*     Tom Johnson, QLD

*     Peter Woolmer, WA

*     Stuart Owens, NSW

*     Brendan Kee, ACT

*     Rick Berghuis, WA


Kind regards,

Vivian Yung


Australian Kendo Renmei