New Kendo Kyoshi, two Renshi and two 6th Dans!


Five members of the AKR were recently examined in Japan by the All Japan Kendo Federation, with good results!

We warmly congratulate the following members for meeting the tough challenges and for passing their respective exams!  Kendo in Australia is progressing and in good helath!

Exam for Kendo Kyoshi, 26 November 2014, Tokyo.

Mr Katsumi Kuramochi, Kendo 7th Dan was awarded Kendo Kyoshi. Ref.

Exam for Kendo Renshi, 26 November 2014, Tokyo.

Mr Chiharu Fukomoto (WAKR), Kendo 6 Dan and Mr Gregory Nicholas (QKR) Kendo 6 Dan, were both awarded Kendo Renshi. Ref.

Exam for Kendo 6th Dan, 25 November 2014, Tokyo.

Ms Hayami Aboutaleb (SAKR) Mr Dong Yeol Lim (WAKR) were both awarded Kendo 6th Dan.

Audited number of candidates – 1835
Examination Pass – 358
Examination pass rate – 19.5%. Ref.