Vale: Dianne Hughes (Rixon)

The NSW Kendo Team at Cowra, 1987. Dianne Hughes is holding the Champions Shield, with brothers Ted and Paul also in the front row. Rear: Jamie Fennessey, Betty, Rex and Steve Lawley. Middle: Row includes: Nagashima Sensei , Nakakura Sensei , Yoichi Yano, Michael Peters, Warren Hughes.

It is with sadness that we advise that Mrs Dianne Hughes (Rixon) passed away on 2 July 2014.

Dianne was central to a great Australian Kendo dynasty that included her brothers Edward (Ted), Paul and her former husband, Warren Hughes.

Dianne was a multiple time Australian Women’s Kendo Champion, winning the title at the 9th Australian Kendo Championships, 1984 in Canberra and again at the 12th AKC held in Cowra in 1987.

Dianne together with her brother Paul were the only joint sibling National Sporting Champions in Australian history, besides the famous swimming duo, the Conrad twins.

Dianne first encountered Kendo in autumn of 1977 in Japan when she witnessed a Tokyo Metropolitan Police Kendo training session in the grounds of the Imperial Palace.

For fifteen years Dianne was a pivotal figure at the Sydney Kendo Club’s Willoughby Dojo and in the Australian Kendo community.

Dianne lived in Brisbane more recently.

The AKR expresses the condolences and sympathy of all our members to Diannes sons, Luke and James, her brothers Ted and Paul, family and friends.

Dianne’s funeral will be held in Brisbane on 9 July 2014.