Registrations are now open for the FIK Asian Zone Kendo Referee Seminar, March 8+9, Sydney, New South Wales


Dates: Saturday 8 March (8;30AM- 4:30PM)  and Sunday 9 March 2014 (8;30AM- 1:00PM) .

Venue: University of Sydney Sports & Aquatic Centre, Building G09, on the corner of Codrington Street and Darlington Road, Darlington, Sydney, NSW

The Australian Kendo Renmei is proud to organise and host the 2014 seminar in Sydney.

AKR members may participate in three ways; as shinpan trainees; as shiai-sha and as volunteers.

This is a valuable opportunity for many AKR members to be involved and to learn from excellent kendo sensei. Your involvement may be as a shinpan trainee (in principal, 4 Dan and above) or as a shiai-sha.  Of course, you can’t have shinpan training without shiai and shiai-sha!

Shiai-sha will be exposed to the same instruction as the trainees, but without acting as shinpan.

Either way, the opportunity for skill improvement will exist from exposure to high level Japanese teachers and other trainees from the Asian region, who are expected to participate in the shinpan training.

Shinpan trainee
Registration to attend as a shinpan trainee will be commenced by the state associations in December, with a cut-off date of 8 January.

Please use the form here to register as a shiai-sha. Cut-off date for shiai-sha registration and alteration is 2 February 2014.

Applicants from other countries will be coordinated by the various national kendo federations, as for previous FIK seminars.

There is no kendo exam planned at the time of this event.