2014 FIK Asian Zone Kendo Shinpan Seminar

Dear members, after four or five years of discussions with the International Kendo Federation (FIK), we are happy to advise that the FIK have decided that the 2014 FIK Asian Zone Kendo Shinpan Seminar will be held in Sydney, NSW, on 8+9 March 2014.

This is a valuable opportunity for many AKR members to be involved.  Your involvement may be as trainees (in principal, 4Dan and above) or as shia-sha.

Either way, the opportunity for skill improvement will exist from exposure to high level Japanese teachers and other trainees from the Asian region, who are participating in the shinpan training.

There maybe a small cost to attend, to cover lunches, support for members who have to travel far and other expenses.  Those and elegibility details will be circulated later in the year.  There will be no kendo dan exam, on this occasion.

Mark your diaries!