April 2013, Kendo 6 & 7 Dan Japan exam results

We congratulate Peter Szwarcbord sensei of Victoria for achieving Kendo 7th Dan (nana-dan) and Greg Nicholas sensei of Queensland who achieved Kendo 6th Dan (rokku-dan), in Kyoto in the past few days.

These awards are a result of hard work and determination on the part of both Szwarcbord sensei and Nicholas sensei, so they should be very proud. The results are also a positive indicator of the healthy growth and development of kendo in Australia.

The All Japan Kendo Federation conducted exams for Kendo 6th Dan on 29 April and for Kendo 7th Dan on 30 April. The exam for 6th Dan attracted 997 candidates, with 182 passing, a pass rate of 18.3%. The exam for 7th Dan attracted 780 candidates, with 143 passing, also a pass rate of 18.3%.

Click the links for a full list of successful candidates for Kendo 6 Dan and Kendo 7 Dan.